12 travel essentials that should be in your carry on

Packing is the least liked activity when it comes to traveling. Planning where to go to is always thrilling, but making sure that you have everything you need can induce anxiety. Running out of clean shirts or underwear is never ideal. There’s also the challenge of fitting all your essentials in one carry on bag — especially if you’re traveling on a budget —  because additional check-in baggage costs are still ridiculously high. (It’s 2017, people!)

British brand CabinZero makes sure that you have everything you need on the go. Their Classic Urban Carry-On comes in 28L, 36L, and 44L sizes and they are spacious enough to keep all your essentials in place. All it takes is some neat folding skills and you can fit a whole week worth of clothes in one bag. There are zip pockets and laptop sleeves inside the main compartment for easier storage, and a big zip pocket up front for your items that need to be accessed easily like passports and boarding passes. The shoulder straps are thickly padded, making it more comfortable to carry your belongings for longer walks. A side handle option is also available for those who prefer carrying their stuff like suitcases. It has a built-in global tracker powered by Okoban, so you can travel in comfort and confidence.

All of this sounds like a dream come true to the frequent budget traveler, and for good reason. To demonstrate just how much can fit in your carry on, we listed down 12 of our travel essentials and put the Classic Urban Carry-On to the test.

Video by Tin Villanueva
Produced by Maine Manalansan and Ina Jacobe
Styling by Neal P. Corpus
Assisted by Jam Pascual
Graphics by Gianne Encarnacion
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