Acceler8 gives us the office space we’ve always dreamed of

Acceler8 gives us the office space we’ve always dreamed of

Change outta your pajamas; it’s time to get to work.

Header photo by Ina Jacobe

The thing about working remotely is that you’d much rather get out of the house instead of literally working from home, because you’d probably be plopped on your bed, not getting much done. Trying to find a decent place to work outside is a struggle, too. Your regular coffee shops often have really bad wifi, and a limited number of electric sockets (given that you don’t have the courage to bring your own extension cord). Let’s not mention the bystanders who are staring you down to give up the seat you have officially Instagrammed as your “workplace of the day.”

Lucky for all of us, Acceler8 has all our essentials (coffee, wifi, and nice officemates) and other good stuff we never knew we needed. It’s a coworking space open to students, freelancers, teams, your mom basically anyone who needs a space to settle down in to get some work done.

#Officegoals: Industrial interiors done right. (Photo via Acceler8)

With two locations smack in the commercial business district of Makati (Salcedo Village and Paseo De Roxas), Acceler8 is any worker’s dream. You can choose to cowork, for a day or a month depending on your needs; have a dedicated desk space (this comes with a locker too) for an individual worker that needs a fixed long term working space; get a private office, ideal for teams or startups that need a space to call their own; or you could opt to simply rent a meeting room for those important face-to-face — perhaps once in a blue moon — meetings with your clients.

Pick your poison: Tea and coffee are available at the pantry for that midday pick me up. (Photo via Ina Jacobe)

Their spaces are like a perfectly curated Pinterest board that came to life. Imagine yourself walking into a totally instagram-worthy office, setting up your workspace then making your way to the pantry for a fresh cuppa joe. Yes, they have free coffee and tea. Instead of being by your lonesome self at home talking to your dog (though that’s all well and good) about your project pitches, you can meet different folks from different industries. That’s easily a good networking opportunity.

Getting you in the mood: Even the walls tell you that it’s time to hustle (Photo via Acceler8)

Desperately searching for coffee shops with decent wifi and a decent amount of sockets are a thing of the past. If you find yourself in need of a space where you can totally get in the zone for work, or you just find yourself in the area, it might be time to give Acceler8 a visit.

Acceler8 is has two branches located at 7/f Finman Center, 131 Tordesillas St., Salcedo Village, Makati City and UB 111 Paseo de Roxas Building, Legaspi Village, Makati City. For rates and services, email [email protected] or check out their website. You can also follow Acceler8 on Instagram and Facebook.


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