AIA Philam Life gathers over 500 student innovators for Life Hackers

AIA Philam Life gathers over 500 student innovators for Life Hackers

They’ve got change in the palm of their hands.

Innovation. Technology. Evolution. The spirits of the future graced the recently concluded AIA Philam Life Hackers 2019 last November 10 at the Metrowalk Plaza in Pasig City.

The first-ever insurance-powered hackathon generated over 500 student registrants, from more than 40 universities across the country, all the way from Cebu. Each team was given a choice: they may either come up with a business solution or a technological innovation. From the preliminaries, only 12 groups were given the spot to present their ideas on the center stage.

“The business problem that we need to hack is this: what does AIA Philam Life need to do to future proof its business before we turn a hundred years old (which is 28 years from now)? The GenZ will either be our employees, our agents, or even part of our top management later on. We want to get their ideas and thoughts in terms of what we should do now,” said AIA Philam Life Chief Operations Officer Gigi Pio de Roda.

The groups provided fresh perspectives on the business. With the help of AIA Philam Life, their proposals were shaped to its best form. “We also want our staff to be involved in the mentoring to drive the innovative mindset within,” Pio de Roda further elaborated.

Within five minutes, the brave and the bright each delivered a well-rounded, thoroughly detailed model that will serve as a beacon for the future of the market. In the end, only four groups were declared as winners.


GENESIS JR: AIA Philam Life Student Ambassador Program

“Building relationships with the younger generation. Start Young, Start Now.” This is the motto of Start, a group of five students — four from Ateneo de Manila University, and one from the University of the Philippines — in pitching GENESIS JR.

GENESIS JR. is an ambassadorship program for college students that aims to immerse them on the career opportunities available in AIA Philam Life, for them to promote working with the company to their peers as a financial advisor to their peers by applying for the program.

The objective of the campaign is to direct college students to consider becoming financial advisors with AIA Philam Life through the influence of Student Ambassadors by socially engaging their fellow undergraduates to create relationships and connections.

These ambassadors will serve as the key point-persons in tapping their peers and colleagues. Through this model, AIA Philam Life will benefit from having a renewable pool of future financial advisors drawn from the top universities in the country, captured at a young age at minimal cost to the company.

The group, consisting of Dion Gan, Stephen Foja, Janella Ong, Christine Castro, and Lawrence Dy, won the Best Breakthrough Idea award, and the Most Innovative Business Solution Runner Up award.


“The best customer experience,” is what PhilAMAZING’s Ana Caballero, Chette Baguilod, Nicole Domingo, Jayvee Gabriel, and Kayle Tiu brought to the competition with PHILAM 360, an application that promises to revolutionize the way customers are cared for.

The campaign’s primary thrust is a mobile application that allows a hassle-free transaction by digitizing the end-to-end customer journey, integrated with AIA Philam Life’s game-changing wellness program, Philam Vitality.

Technologies such as QR Code, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Chatbot, and APIs will also be incorporated into the said application. It is expected that this application will be adopted well by consumers because of the exclusive rewards given to members by partner companies of AIA Philam Life.

PhilAMAZING was awarded the runner up for Most Innovative Tech Solution.



“We protect you, so you can protect others too” is the tagline of Innobait, a group of four La Sallians who are gearing to build a business with a cause.

The group’s members Miguel Quiambao, Patrick Narvasa, Jericho Dienzo, and Cheska Cruz proposed Hero, a technological solution that allows its users to help a cause they wish to aid. They believe that the next generation is a generation of advocates, a generation that is willing to make a change beyond liking or sharing a post on social media.

Hero is an app that allows users to invest. At the same time, a percentage of the user’s payment will be channeled to a chosen advocacy or charity.

The app also gives live updates on the chosen advocacy, allowing the user to know how their contributions are being utilized. It also helps address the protection gap by giving benefits to those who are misinformed, mistrust or cannot afford to avail of insurance. This can slowly help them ease into availing AIA Philam Life’s products.

“This puts AIA Philam Life in the center when it comes to protection, and gives users an opportunity to support the advocacies they are fighting for,” says Innobait.

The group won the top merit for the technology strand, the Most innovative Tech Solution award.


“If people are not financially literate, the products that we are going to talk about will not have any value,” says Gio Acosta, one third of the winning team UT-UT (Usap Tayo, Usad Tayo). Together with Acosta are Stephen Sausa and Won Suk Cho of the De La Salle University.

The trio proposed A.P.A.T., an answer to the current customer journey framework. Building on the already tested marketing ideology “A.P.A.T.,” the campaign added other pillars respective to the letters of the solution: “A” stands for ”Advocacy,” “P” for “Purchase,” “A” for “Accumulation,” and “T” for “Transfer.”

The project addresses the low insurance penetration rate of less than 2% and at the same time simplifies the insurance buying process through digitalization. Aside from educating the general public of the importance of financial literacy, A.P.A.T. is also geared to build the GenZ’s interest in insurance.

The Future in Gen Z

Through the AIA Philam Life Hackers, the company gained valuable insights.

“What struck me about them is that they’re not just about business focus nor revenues. They are very specific about their advocacies. That to me is something AIA Philam Life can build on. We’re not only about building the business, but also connecting with our brand promise of helping Filipinos live Healthier, Longer and Better Lives by advocating protection and wellness,” says COO Gigi Pio de Roda.



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