AirAsia’s first social media reality show is basically content creator battle royale

AirAsia’s first social media reality show is basically content creator battle royale

The stakes: who gets to be AirAsia’s next online storyteller.

Learning to fly: AirAsia Create Camp mentors Enzo Cruz, Rachel Halili, and Patrick Martin; finalists Jaip Saluba, Beatrice Paragas, Paolo Garrido, Cara Durano, and Ray Ambler Baguilat; mentors Paolo Cuarteron, Ayen dela Torre, and Kyrke Jaleco.

It’s easy to think that bloggers and online “influencers” have it easy. I mean, all they have to do is go around and look cute, snap some pics with some filters and be done with it, right? Well, not really. It takes a lot to make good content these days, and the digital realm is vicious to no end. But better get your bujos ready ‘cause AirAsia is pulling back the digital curtain by creating a social media reality show. (Read: we’ve reached peak social media.)

Before you go and think this is gonna be Keeping Up with the Kardashians on your phone, give it a chance. Titled “CreateCamp,” AirAsia’s first social media reality show ain’t about the likes and shares. They want to empower and develop young Filipino talent, and in turn, showcase the beauty of the Philippines. CreateCamp will provide mentorship to their five finalists hand-picked from over 500 applicants, with the winner walking away with over P1 million worth of prizes, including AirAsia flights and gear like a new MacBook Pro and a Nikon D5600 to help them become better creators. Best of all, they get the bragging rights of becoming one of AirAsia’s online storytellers.

The show will be a series of workshops with AirAsia’s current roster of storytellers. Ayen Dela Torre and Rachel Halili, Young STAR Fresh Produce alum and co-founders of Where To Next, along with photographer Nella Lomotan kicked off the workshops with “Traveling with a Purpose” last Sept. 1-3 in Bohol. For the week of Sept. 7-10, photographers Benj Ramos and Pao Cuarteron will teach finalists all about portrait photography in Palawan. From Sept 14-17, landscape photography will be taught by photographer Enzo Cruz and mountaineer Javy Cang in the Cordilleras. Finally, filmmakers Patrick Martin and Kyrke Jaleco will tackle videography in Tacloban. Talk about learning on the fly.

The finalists, revealed last Aug. 30, are Cara Durano, the Adventurepreneur of De La Salle University; Ray Ambler Baguilat, the Innovative Filmmaker of Baguio; Jaip Saluba, the Adventure Seeker of Iloilo; Paolo Garrido, the Afro Wanderer of Mapua; and Bea Paragas, the Creative Old Soul of UP Diliman. Once all is said and done — or in this case, photographed and filmed — the five finalists will go head to head online, where the public will vote on who they think should become AirAsia’s next online storyteller. Get ready to be glued to your phones.

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