All the moments that made us soft during Karpos Live Mix 7

All the moments that made us soft during Karpos Live Mix 7

Being alone and anonymous in a room full of strangers on your birthday is a whole new level of nirvana.



Being alone and anonymous in a room full of strangers is a spiritual experience. Being alone and anonymous in a room full of strangers on your birthday, however, is a whole new level of nirvana. 

As an introvert who’s wildest dreams include living as a recluse, celebrating my birthday in the midst of strangers, with two of my favorite bands playing music was the best case scenario. The whole experience made me hella soft. 

Munimuni played their best, making me forget that I was there for work with songs that triggered a trip down memory lane. I have only recently discovered The Japanese House, but it was easy to fall into full-on stan mode when Amber Bain walked on stage. I mean, who would have thought that I’d be celebrating my birthday with one of my favorite female singers ever? Never mind that I spotted three (yes, three!!) of my exes at the venue.

Here are all the moments that made me feel the feels.


When Munimuni played Sa Hindi Pag-Alala

Munimuni played their set with the kind of sincerity and intimacy that has always been apparent in their shows. Throughout steady beats and harmonies and heartfelt Tagalog lyrics, the band conveyed emotions that I find are so true and pure. When they started singing Sa Hindi Pag-Alala, I was transported to a time when I was on the verge of ending a relationship with someone. Funny thing is that said someone was also there at the same event. I guess the universe wanted to mess with me on my birthday.

Kakalimutan na kita: Munimuni’s Sa Hindi Pag-Alala will always be a crowd-fave.

Clara Benin performing Solomon with Munimuni

The most special thing about Solomon is how solemn it is. Whether you’re an OG Munimuni fan or a new listener, this song ought to tug at your heartstrings. “Oh irog, dinig mo ba? Ang pagtibok ng aking puso?” Clara Benin’s airy vocals make the song even more heartfelt. 

When The Japanese House dedicated one of her songs to the little girl in the audience

It always warms my heart when performers interact with their audience. It makes me see them as more genuine people who truly enjoy their music and the people who listen to them. When Amber pointed to a little girl who was sitting on someone’s shoulders and dedicated a whole song to her, it just made me love her and her music even more. Dare I say: I busted my uwus.

Amber Bain, a.k.a. The Japanese House, was all smiles during her performance.

That Saw You in a Dream performance

This is my favorite The Japanese House song of all time. It’s my jam, my theme song, my go-to I-wanna-feel-the-feels song. I decided that I would leave once she played it, but I ended up staying, trying to contain my emotions long after the song ended. What a way to celebrate my 23rd year on Earth. 

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