This app keeps track of your wellness routine, without the stress

This app keeps track of your wellness routine, without the stress

And by wellness, we mean more than just massages. We mean medical stuff.

There’s nothing scarier for a young, uninsured adult than going to the doctor’s office. Something as simple as having your annual checkup should be painless, but the fear of staggering bills to pay is enough to keep us out of the hospital. It’s terrible, I know, but that’s the reality. Maybe that’s why we’re so obsessed with green smoothies, healthy(ish) avocado toast and self-care: prevention is our way to make sure that we never have to deal with hospitals. My White Card CEO Anne Ricardo echoes this: “We realize that some people are put off by the cost and inconvenience of setting regular appointments and visiting health and wellness specialists.”

Face tune: This app helps keep track of your wellness routine without the stress.

Because of this, her team created an app that will help us keep track of our wellness routines, and they’re giving us an added bonus, too. My White Card curated a list of partners that will keep you healthy and cute without the stress of finding doctors who can help you out. The app offers three membership tiers: Elite memberships (P7,999/year), premium memberships (P11,899/year) and luxury memberships (P25,000/year). Each tier has a special set of discounts and clinic partners such as The Zen Institute, Beauty Park, Galvez Clinics, Prohealth Sports and Spinal Physiotherapy Centres, and Manila Stem Cell, among others.

Your back hurting? They will give you up to 40 percent off on spinal treatments. Stressed out from finals week? Get P2,500 off on Nerve Release Therapy. Prepping for prom season? Get special discounts for teeth whitening services. All of these services can be found in their mobile app (available only on Android, at least for now) for easy reference. Scheduling your appointments will never be painful again; no promises on the actual treatment, though.


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