Artists are posting their Darna fanart on Twitter, and so should you

Artists are posting their Darna fanart on Twitter, and so should you

In mourning the Darna that could’ve been, artists are imagining what Darna could become.

Art by Andi Osmeña


You might’ve seen the post going around: a rejected pitch for what a comic released in line with the new  Darna movie could’ve looked like. A photo gallery on Facebook by artist Jem Bernaldez shows concept art for a Darna we haven’t seen: morena, with a reimagined costume that would make Captain Marvel nod with approval. It would’ve been so cool. Unfortunately, the higher ups didn’t really jive with it, and what it looks like we’re getting is a decidedly non-moderno Darna resembling Liza Soberano, wearing the costume the character has always had.

While it is unfortunate that, knowing this, we now mourn a cool thing that died before it even had the chance to live, the vision of Jem, Adam David, and Carl Joe Javier is not lost to the wind. Darna fanart has been popping up left to right and ground zero is Rob Cham’s tweet based on the idea from Cy Vendivil and Rian Gonzales calling other artists to imagining what Darna could be, with the hashtag #SigawDarna. (DARNA!!! Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

And look at all the cool art we’re getting! T-rex Darna! Panda Darna! This Darna that local movie executives should honestly look at as a reference for costume inspiration! This is very much like that whole #Spidersona hashtag that went around after Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse came out and reflected the joy and hope of the movie’s message, that anyone could wear the mask. So what’s the call to action here? Anyone can… eat the stone? Yell the name? Why the hell not?

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