We asked 10 people about apps they swear by

We asked 10 people about apps they swear by

Some tested and tried apps to help you out.

Here we are, in the 21st century, with apps for almost anything. From productivity to service, it seems like the app store has it all — but with so many apps available, which ones do we get? We asked some of our friends for recos, and here are the apps they swear by. Make sure you’ve got some space freed up on your phone, because you’re gonna want to download these stat.

Aloe Bud offers a variety of self-care and mindfulness prompts and I really like how you can choose which ones you want to be reminded of! It also aims to make push notifications gentler so you don’t feel guilt tripped to logging your feelings/feel like using the app is a chore. Plus the interface is super cute and calming! — Gianne, artist


I started using Way of Life three weeks ago because I’m trying to break my coffee-everyday habit. Easy to use and you can track multiple stuff. — Jana, events specialist


Pocket is one of my favorite apps because it’s helped me maintain my habit of reading one article per day! What’s great about this app is I can save and download the links I find relevant or interesting and read them offline. — Celine, HR generalist

If you’re in charge of pubs, Adobe Spark Post will be your best friend. It’s as powerful as any Adobe program but on your phone: comes with beautiful templates, too! You can even modify each template with a shuffle button and you’ll see each possible combo in the preview. No more second guessing fonts and colors. Plus: automatic resizing. — Johann, student


Most note-taking apps tend to be more complicated, with lots of features and options crammed into them. I prefer to use Simplenote because it’s reliable and foolproof, helping me focus on my writing with minimal distractions. — Carlo, content officer


So I love Wally cause I have this tendency to overspend without meaning to since I’m very spontaneous e.g. unplanned dinners, Ride Rev classes, movies, or impulse thrift shopping. Prior to Wally, I always ended up wondering where all my money went. With Wally, I manage to stay within budget and still manage to insert some spontaneous expenses here in there for my sanity! — Tricia, account manager

Simple Habits help me meditate whenever I’m overloaded with work. It’s a great app to start making meditation a habit. — Justin, student


I suffer dysmenorrhea every month and extreme mood swings since I started med school. Since I started using Clue for tracking my cycle, I now knew why I was feeling anxious on certain days. I’m also now more prepared on my period day and that means buying Advil and doing homework in advance because I won’t be able to work with cramps!  — Trysh, student


Coins.PH makes a lot of things easier, like you can pay bills, transfer money and buy load through it. But personally I use it because it makes investing in cryptocurrency easy. — Jerm, student


As a four-time suicide survivor and someone who used to cut himself when he felt overwhelmed, Calm Harm has helped me weather my emotional storms in a healthier way. Whenever I feel like doing something drastic, I turn to this app. It helps me “ride the tide.” — Julian, writer

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