We asked students to share their all-girls school horror stories

We asked students to share their all-girls school horror stories

Paranormal stuff just comes with the territory of the Catholic school girl experience.

Every school has a history, but all-girls schools seem to have theirs run a little deeper. It could come from the fact that some of these institutions were previously run by nuns or have some sort of affiliation with the Church. Combined with a religious foundation that is arguably the basis for some of the creepiest horror stories, an all-girls school can be a hotspot for some truly spine-tingling experiences.

This type of terror is the focus of Eerie, directed by Mikhail Red and starring Charo Santos-Concio and Bea Alonzo. In the film, a death of a student is investigated by the school counselor, which leads to the reveal of some dark entities.  

In celebration of Eerie’s release in Philippine cinemas last week, we asked students from all-girls schools to tell their horror stories. Some names have been changed or censored for safety. (And also we don’t wanna anger any malicious spirits.We ain’t riskin’ it.)

“I arrived really early one time and I needed to use the bathroom, but it was locked. My cousin, who studied at the same school, told me that if bathrooms are locked in the morning, let the ones on the other side open the door for you by knocking. So, as a joke, I knocked. And when it opened, I ran.” Boo, Saint Theresa’s College Quezon City


“Not really my story, but a teacher once told us about it happening to him. He was facilitating an exam in a class that he didn’t normally handle, so he didn’t really know all of the girls there. It was dead quiet and he was standing in front of them, then all of a sudden, all of the students looked up at stared at him at the same time. It lasted probably for only a few seconds, but he still got really creeped out.” – A, Miriam College


“I entered the CR at the second floor of one of the high school buildings. Upon passing by the mirrors and sinks, I heard whispers and murmurs in my ears. This occurred even after using the cubicle, and only then did I realize that I was the only one in the bathroom.” – Anonymous, STCQC


“In one of the buildings in our school, there’s a brown statue of some religious figure. I would get a bad feeling every time I would pass it. It was always oriented one way, but one day I swear I saw it tilt its head. I thought I was losing my mind, but my friend asked me if I saw it move too.” – Anonymous, MC


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