Marga Buenaventura

September 15, 2017

H&M slays the Philippines with a budget-friendly beauty line

Pretty hurts enough as is -- don't let it hurt your wallet.
September 15, 2017

Now more than ever, we have to fight

We must hold those in power accountable.
September 15, 2017

This contest uses math to challenge conventional beauty standards

And no, we're not talking about waistline sizes.
September 1, 2017

Kevin Kwan talks Hollywood, the nouveau riche, and plastic surgery for fish

The 'Crazy Rich Asians' author has pretty much seen it all.
September 1, 2017

How to make real mementos out of your travel photos

Sometimes meaningful documentation means going beyond the 'gram.
August 11, 2017

The next generation of tech titans clash at Microsoft’s Imagine Cup

And guess what? The Philippine team is bringing their A-game.
July 26, 2017

This student tech team might just be the Pinoy Bill Gateses in the making

Competing in Microsoft’s most prestigious student competition, Team Opticode is turning their tech dreams into virtual reality.
July 14, 2017

How do you find the salon to keep coming back to?

Treat yo' self.
July 7, 2017

We found your new fave post-work dinner spot

The Girl + The Bull's new look matches their innovative approach to fine dining.