These are the best pancit dishes for every mood and occasion

These are the best pancit dishes for every mood and occasion

We’re in the mood for noods.

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The truth is that there is no bad occasion for pancit. Whether the gathering is happy or sad, lavish or simple, with hundreds attending or just yourself in pajamas, pancit simply works. (Of course, it’s a must on certain occasions, like our birthdays, but that’s really just an excuse to order more food, let’s be real.)

It may have been Chinese settlers who brought the early iterations of pancit to our shores, but we Filipinos have wholly turned this tradition into something uniquely ours. Everybody’s got their favorite pancit flavor, and the varieties are endless: from your classic pancit bihon or pancit palabok, to regional specialties like pancit chami from Lucena City or Batil Patong from Tuguegarao, which features a sauce made of soy and cara-beef broth. And that’s barely scratching the surface of our rich pancit culture.

So to determine the right pancit for the right moment, we dove into Manam’s rich pancit menu (they’ve got 11 varieties!) to see what they’ve got for any fan of the dish. After all, having been around for five years — yes, you’ve been eating their famous sisig for half a decade — Manam knows a thing or two about making our stomachs happy. For your consideration: five different Manam pancit dishes, both classic and with a twist, for five different moods

Pancit Molo

Noodle soup in cold weather always works, and Manam’s pancit molo is one of our favorites. The glass noodles, beef bits, and crispy wonton skin work together so well — perhaps it’s the mix of soft and crisp textures that make it work. The pancit molo is paired best with a movie so sad, you can’t tell when the tears end and the soup begins.

Crispy Pancit Palabok

Personally, the palabok is one of my favorite dishes ever. But the Crispy Pancit Palabok, well, that’s a whole other story. Think of what you like to eat when you’re feeling mad or stressed out — something with a bit of a crunch that you can use to de-stress a little bit. Not only does Manam’s palabok do just that, but the sight of the sauce breaking down the tower of crispy noodles will distract you from life’s stresses for just a few seconds. Because duh, you’ll be too busy posting it on Instagram.

Pancit Negra

Who knew that love is the new black? Hear me out here — imagine being on your 10th date with your significant other. You’ve reached the point where you’re totally comfortable with farting around each other. (True! Love! Seriously.) So eating Manam’s Pancit Negra, a meal that might stain your teeth a little bit? No sweat, do it. No one’s judging — you’re both too busy eating and being in love.

Pancit Canton Special

Hangovers are never fun. But what makes them better is the thought of food that helps with your recovery. Instant noodles are a morning after staple, but to eat actual pancit canton is even better. Consider Manam’s Pancit Canton Special: all the noodle-y goodness with actual veggies in it. Fair warning: once you make a habit of this, you might start looking forward to those hangover brunches.

Pancit Sisig

When is it the right time to eat pancit sisig? There is no right time, because the time is always right. Manam’s sisig is such a crowd favorite that you don’t have to be in a specific mood to eat it, because eating it is the mood. So if you haven’t tried it out, head to your nearest Manam and do it right now. You can thank us later.

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