Boracay’s newest lifestyle hub is the perfect place for your next food trip

Boracay’s newest lifestyle hub is the perfect place for your next food trip

Put Station X on your next travel itinerary, stat.

Team cozy: The al fresco lounge area in Station X welcomes guests of all ages. | Photos by Tin Sartorio

There are very few things that’ll convince me to fly out to Boracay for Labor Day weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I’m an island girl through and through. But even the powdery white sands, glorious sunsets, and clear waters aren’t enough to make me weave through thousands of tourists just to make my way to my hotel room.

However, talk about food and you will easily get my attention. I, too, have had my fair share of long non-sober walks along the beach, scouring for cheap food that will last me ’til my next meal. It wasn’t always easy but it wasn’t impossible. Imagine my surprise when I was told that Boracay is finally having its first food hall, and that it was conceptualized by The Sunny Side Group.

You’ve probably heard of The Sunny Side Cafe, the go-to breakfast place whose Bacon & Mango Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Choriburger make early morning walks to Station 3 and back worthwhile. It’s also by the same people behind Boracay’s famous Piri-Piri restaurant Spicebird, and Coco Mama, a stall serving vegan-friendly, non-dairy, lactose-free, and gluten-free treats. Nowie and Odette Potenciano of The Sunny Side Group have quietly built a gastronomy empire on Boracay and their new food hall concept is more than just another cherry on top; it’s a game-changer.

Strategically located between Stations 2 and 3, Station X is the lifestyle hub of the soon-to-open Hue Hotels and Resorts Boracay. It houses a retail center filled with local products perfect for pasalubong, and the island’s first and only food hall, Streetmarket Boracay (think: your typical Manila food park but 100 times better in terms of service, ambience, and taste). While it doesn’t have the iconic Boracay beachfront view, it’s only a mere 200-meter walk from the beach. I recently went on a three-day food tour hosted by The Sunny Side Group — along with some of the best foodies in Manila — and trust me when I say that Boracay has a lot of new goodies to offer.

If you’re heading to Boracay anytime soon or in need of more reasons to book a flight ASAP, here’s a quick guide on what to look out for in Station X and Streetmarket Boracay.

Station X is located at Hue Hotel, Main road corner Boracay Food Street, Station 2, Boracay island.

Fat Rice

From their take on the famous Thai curry crab down to the long-braised beef rendang, and the larb moo (ground pork salad with toasted rice) that had the perfect amount of heat, to say that our tastebuds were #lit (in, like, a really good way) is an understatement. I recommend ordering Thai iced tea (and keep ‘em coming), and finishing off with a good bowl of sticky mango rice because, of course.

Percy Seafood

There’s really no excuse for not having Aklan oysters when you’re in Boracay, especially if they’re served fresh at a low price of P250 for a platter of six. If you’re up for something hot and kickin’ with flavor, a serving of seafood cioppino might just be what you need.

Supermagic Burgers and Ice Cream

The Sunny Side Group’s Supermagic Burgers and Ice Cream expands its menu to include the soon-to-be faves veggie burger (the house-blended umami dust makes all the difference), and cheese-filled meatball served with chef Natalia Moran’s perfectly balanced tomato sauce. Did I mention you can have the meatball with spaghetti or as a sandwich?

Santa Peligrosa

We were all pretty stuffed after our lunch in Spicebird prior to Santa Peligrosa. (Their house-made sauces are the real culprits, I tell you.) But while I wasn’t able to fully enjoy every taco that was served, I still vividly dream about the tender carnitas, and the tomato sauce ladled all over the burrito. #ProTip: Pace your meals well because food comas are very real.

Little Wave Coffee Co.

Who ever said you can’t have pasta for breakfast has yet to try Chef Natalia’s handmade cavatelli and gnocchi at Little Wave Coffee Co. The sandwiches are made from scratch too; sourdough bread and potato chips included. Don’t leave Little Wave until you’ve had a vanilla slice (think your classic Napoleones but with 10 times more cream) and a brownie so good it’s bad; so much so, they named it Slutty.


What’s better than being served porchetta (crispy skin pork belly cooked sous-vide for 36 hours) with gravy and roasted veggies? Porchetta on a homemade pizza dough cooked on a brick oven with garlic confit and basil. It’s equal parts deadly and heavenly, so consider this a warning.

Sugar Cloud

The crazy heat calls for a refreshing treat and cooling off with fruits in season might just be what you need. At Sugar Cloud, you can have it three ways — as a juice, shake or bingsu. I’m pretty biased towards the watermelon bing-su, but I’d also argue that I’ll eat anything served with that lychee cream, tbh.

Winner Winner

Do you really wanna fly all the way to Boracay for some fried chicken? If it’s from Winner Winner, then yes, you definitely should. Their homemade honey butter is what food babies are made of, but that shouldn’t take all the credit; the dirty rice and crispy skin are part of the equation too.


Did someone ask for some boneless chicken wing skewers? Yup, Poketo has got your back. They even serve it alongside a tender beef cheek skewer and a chicken meatball skewer with Furikake rice, onsen egg, tempura flakes and nori to make the perfect Poketo Yakitori Bowl.


Prisma is the bar to top all bars in Boracay. You get the best of both worlds: great cocktails and pleasant service (the team behind Manila’s #1 cocktail bar, ABV, partnered up with Hue Hotels and Resorts Boracay) but in an al fresco tropical setting on one of the world’s most beautiful islands. It’s all good vibes here and it’s not hard to figure out why.

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