Catch these shoegaze and dream pop bands at a gig that doesn’t make all the noise, but… just enough

Ever wanted to spend your Thursday night at a gig brought on by memes? No? Gig prods Ultraparallel and Caravana went ahead and organized one anyway. The two prods have teamed up to bring us “$aktONg NÖISE LnG”, a gig that stemmed from the prompt “guys, let’s make this meme-y”.

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If that kitschy poster doesn’t convince you to go, maybe this lineup will. Fans of shoegaze and dream pop will look forward to hearing three bois and a drum machine a.k.a. Grocery, brother and sister duo Outerhope, and Rizal-based computergaze band GYHT.

If dreamy pop sounds aren’t for you, you can also look forward to alternative rock with jazz influences from The Mad Lilacs. Or try the “weird vacuum cleaner sounds” from Ozzga, who just released an EP last Nov. 17.  

Either way, you’re bound to find a sound that you’re into, meme-worthy or otherwise. Sakto lang, even.


$aktONg NÖISE LnG happens on Nov. 29 at Mow’s, Q.C. Entrance is P200 inclusive of one free beer. For more info, visit the event page.

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