November 22, 2017

The duo behind Bad Student brought an old printmaking method back to life

Ask them about Riso, and you shall receive.
November 17, 2017

Electronic musician Skymarines is hungry to create more

Her musical journey began with a Nintendo DS.
November 14, 2017

This artist will make you pay attention to bubble-blowing loop videos

Gale Encarnacion fleshes out the essence of life through bubble gum.
November 10, 2017

This is how Lauv describes his signature sound

The Latvian musician tells us about his songwriting process, zodiac sign, and Demi Lovato.
November 10, 2017

Here’s why TV isn’t dead

It's just adapting! Case in point: Netflix buttons on TV remotes exist.
November 8, 2017

Apartel revisits John Hughes-esque romance in ‘Guijo St.’ music video

It’s like it came straight out of Pretty in Pink.
November 5, 2017

Can social media save the world?

#TitaTips as a force for good? Facebook and Mano Amiga seem to think so.
October 29, 2017

With ‘Mundane,’ Lions and Acrobats proves that less truly is more

*inhale* Doooon’t drift away!!!
October 27, 2017

Mary Joy Apostol is ready to take her place in the Action Girl Hall of Fame

The Birdshot star is killing it. And by “it” we don’t mean like, eagles.