September 24, 2017

Bojack Horseman’s latest season is rife with self-confrontation

Doggy doggy what now?
September 8, 2017

The Samsung Galaxy Gear 360’s wide angles makes sure everybody’s in frame

Panaromas and fisheyes? Yes please.
September 3, 2017

‘Respeto’ is about more than just hip-hop

This is a film that makes ‘8 Mile’ look tame.
August 28, 2017

These zines will convince you to start your own collection

Support the printed word (and art!)
August 27, 2017

‘Press: 100 Love Letters’ reveals the woman, in love

The love letters in 'Press' are cathartic, indulgent and deeply resonant.
August 22, 2017

Repertory’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ isn’t your typical tale as old as time

No Lumière and Cogsworth in this version, but it was entertaining just the same.
August 10, 2017

The Sony Xperia XA1 is a phone that gets the job done

No frills, no gimmicks, all power.
July 7, 2017

‘Homecoming’ is the quintessential Spider-Man film we’ve all been waiting for

The third incarnation of the franchise proves to be an exceptional modern update.
July 3, 2017

There’s a certain glow about her: On GLOW’s two leading ladies

As expected, it’s the ladies that really make the show, well, shine.