The Color Bar is BGC’s new hair dye haven

The change in season calls for a change in looks. The fact that people actually dye their hair a different color for the summer was news to me. I mean, I get it; if you have already spent big bucks on your summer haul, then might as well enhance your look with good hair, too.


The Color Bar takes pride in their quality of service, and you’ll get that feeling the moment you walk into the salon.


If you’re looking for a quick and healthy fix in hair color, The Color Bar has got you covered. Their new space in Rizal Drive, BGC is a cute little neighboorhood salon where they can make your wildest hair dreams come true. At their launch last month, they showcased hair in rainbow colors just to show off what they can do. Joseph Fantone (a.k.a. JOF), owner and chief stylist of The Color Bar, trained at the famous Paul Mitchell The School in San Diego so you’re in good hands. “We aim to make a difference when it comes to coloring the hair,” he says. “We don’t just put color in one’s hair; we create life in it.” And that they do. Despite the crazy dye combinations, they also prioritize your hair’s health. If they think your locks can’t handle it right now, they’ll suggest an alternative that will look just as good.

The Color Bar takes pride in their quality of service, and you’ll get that feeling the moment you walk into the salon. Their staff will greet you with warm smiles, and maybe even a cup of coffee. The space, with its tall plants, full-length mirrors and the actual color bar where they’ll mix up your formula look like it came straight out of the Fab Five’s Pinterest board. If you’re getting the VIP service (and that’s done by booking an appointment with JOF), you can even hang out in the upstairs lounge with the big television and refreshments.

Color combination: Joseph Fantone, owner and chief stylist of the newly opened The Color Bar in BGC, prioritizes your hair’s health when changing its colors.

Coloring your hair takes a lot of time, so we rounded up other things you can do to pass time.


Listen to podcasts

We know you’d rather listen to Cardi B’s new bops, but hear us out. There are a lot of good, educational podcasts out there that will keep you up to date with the headlines and discuss pop culture like actual anthropologists. You might even get a fact or two about your favorite track off of the album. Try It’s Been a Minute with Sam Sanders or The High Low.


Plan your future looks on Pinterest

If you’re going for that big, life-altering hair color change, you might want to plan looks ahead of time. Purple hair might look strange with that purple shirt you’ve been wearing since high school. It’s time to create a color palette and, if you’re feeling adventurous, a capsule wardrobe that can complement your locks’ current state.


Call people you haven’t seen in a long time

Salon time is peak chika time, especially when you’re with a friend. However, if you’re alone, that’s a different story. If you’re tired of staring at yourself in the mirror, dial up your parents or some friends who got out of touch. Make sure you use earphones, though; you don’t want to damage your phone with hair dye.

The Color Bar by @stylingByJOF is located at Rizal Drive, Forbes Town, Bonifacio Global City. Check out their Facebook and Instagram. For appointments, call 0917-5275387 or 821-8587 or email

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