The Craft Central opens a new store in the north

The Craft Central opens a new store in the north

Now you’ve got no reason to procrastinate that art project you said you were gonna do.

Learning a new skill can be pretty daunting, especially when it comes to the arts. It’s worse when you realize that most of the materials needed are either overpriced or not even sold in your area, forcing you to stop before you even start. The Craft Central thinks otherwise.

The Ventura sisters took a giant leap when they first started as a small online shop back in 2014. With the right tools and people, courage, and a whole lot of faith, they were able to create The Craft Central, which provides a wide array of supplies you wouldn’t expect possible to access in the country.

The Craft Central is basically an arts and crafts heaven that has almost everything you’ll need for your Do-It-Yourself projects. They have colored inks, a wide selection of brushes, How-To guides, yarn, pads, and even hobby starter kits. You’ll surely be able to find what you need for your craft and maybe even find something new to start on. Almost all of these supplies are locally sourced, so not only do you get to support local products, you’ll realize it’s actually not so hard to find the right supplies.

They host various workshops on weekends conducted by professional artists for those who just want to try things out, and their new store also features over 110 local craft partners. So it’s not just your material needs being met — you can also get your fix of inspiration by being near local, established creatives. The Craft Central overall is a space that has made a mission of helping other people create, and we can’t wait to get started.

The grand opening of The Craft Central’s new location takes place this July 14 to 16 at the the 4th floor of The Block, SM North EDSA. You can also check out their online shop here.

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