Daniel Caesar’s return to Manila made for a more intimate setup and louder singsongs

Photos by JV Rabano


Is it just me, or are concerts in Manila getting better and better? I mean, really? They’ll travel all the way to our tiny town for a show that lasts for an hour — 90 minutes if we’re lucky? And with every mahal ko kayo uttered comes a sense of doubt, yes, but when a foreign artists comes back for another round of good time, we can’t help but feel that the feeling is mutual. 

This is exactly how our love story began with Daniel Caesar, whom we first encountered at Wanderland Music and Arts Festival 2018. Thanks to our friends from Karpos, he returned to Manila last July 23 but this time for a solo show. It was everything his Wanderland sunset set was — it makes you want to feel in love. But with a new album fresh out of the oven, his second show in Manila felt just a tad bit more special.

First things first: the music. He played a good number of songs from “Case Study 01,”and started with songs that slaps. Love Again, which he sang with recorded vocals of our good sis Brandy, is pretty much high up on that list. Hearing Cyanide live was a religious moment and singing out loud to classics like Get You and Best Part will never get old. He even applauded us by saying that we not only know the words, but we can also hold a tune. It’s glad to see our singing practice can get us somewhere. 

Daniel Caesar comes back to Manila with a brand new set from ‘Case Study 01′ and a more intimate setup.

He also unveiled a Manila exclusive merch, featuring a Polaroid image in the front and an ad for Gloria’s Flower Shop at the back. It’s an homage to his recent trip to the country earlier this year, having visited the flower shop located in Tarlac City of his friend and colleague’s tita Glo. You bet everyone was just all over that merch before and after the show. 

Lastly, the crowd that attended the Manila show also felt very intimate. I couldn’t help but feel a little old, seeing younger concert-goers with their friends and significant others. But they also surprised me as soon as the show started. The crowd singing was much louder than usual, but when Daniel would sing his heart out, we also knew how to listen. It was a religious experience through and through. Now it’s just a matter of what else do we have to do to get him to come back sooner. 



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