Denise Laurel is the fitspiration we’ve got our eyes on

On health and fitness: Actress and singer Denise Laurel talks about the benefits of FWD Life Philippines’ Set for Health, a health insurance plan.

Nowadays, health and fitness have become essential to our agenda. Not only do we take time off from our busy schedules to don our workout clothes and hit the closest gym, cycling studio or boxing ring, but we’re also on the lookout for encouraging #fitspos to keep us going.

Look no further than Denise Laurel, a multi-hyphenate actress, singer, model, fashionista and mom rolled into one is the perfect example. She’s one who pays close attention to her gym and workout sessions. And she cares about her health enough to ensure it’s financially covered by FWD Life Philippines’ Set for Health, an insurance program that secures one’s health stability for the future. As a working mom who spends for both her son and her work, Denise believes that the plan will help her in the bad times and reward her in the good.

Denise, as multi-faceted as she is, cares about her physical body while having the right mindset to think forward in terms of her health, something that’s admirable. We’ve listed down a few reasons why we think she’s a role model and the ideal #fitspo.

1. Her health is always at the top of her list.
Given the multiple roles Denise has to play, ensuring perfect health is Denise’s priority at the end of the day. Her workouts aren’t done for the sake of being in tip-top shape, but also to make sure she feels and is healthy enough not only for herself but for her loved ones.

2. She makes workouts look fun and enjoyable.
Admit it: working out is not the most exciting thing, especially when you have to drag yourself out of bed at 8 a.m. every morning to get your bodies to the nearest treadmill or bike. We find ourselves dreading each workout before it even begins. Denise is the perfect example of how to turn a rather boring and dreadful gym sesh into, surprisingly, a fitness party. As her Instagram posts suggest, she turns weightlifting into moments of humor and fun.

2. She’s an all-around workout gal.
Unlike some of our #fitspos that we only see attempting to master one particular workout, Denise is adventurous enough to test the plethora of workouts Manila has to offer, from boxing class and weight-lifting to volleyball clinics with her son. It’s no surprise that we’re tempted to try some classes she attends, too.

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