FAQ: YS Open Call

FAQ: YS Open Call

We just wanna clear some things up.

Should I include a cover letter?

Yeah, dude. Don’t be the kind of person who attaches files to an email with no text in the body. It just feels weird.


If I send out an email and realize I made a mistake with it, may I send you guys a second email?

Sure thing! Ika nga ni Miley Cyrus, “Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days.”


May I send more than two to three (2-3) sample works?

Sounds like we can’t stop you. But we have a lot of applications to go through! We ask you keep your sample works to two to three (2-3) because well, we want to see your best stuff, and we want to keep the workload of going through your applications manageable! This is also a challenge for you to figure out what the best works in your portfolio are.


Will you really ignore submissions that don’t follow the subject line format?



Is there a certain aesthetic or writing style you’re looking for?

Every publication has its own stylistic tendencies, including us. But don’t think you have to make your submissions a certain way for us to like you. We wanna see your art, your writing, your style!


I messaged you guys on Facebook about whether you guys had any positions open. Does that count as an application?

We’ll be real with you chief — that ain’t it. We’re accepting applications now, though. Email us.


What are your reasons for rejecting an application?

There are many. We’ve rejected applications from people we saw had a lot of potential but weren’t quite there yet. There were applicants whose work we were amazed by, but upon interview, admitted that they couldn’t commit as fully as we would have wanted them to. There are a lot of factors that go into determining who we decide to work with, so believe us when we say that, whether you’re application was accepted or rejected, it was a challenging decision to make!


I’m not from Manila. Am I still allowed to apply?

Yes! At least if you’re interested in being a contributor. If you’re gunning for an editorial position though, you gotta be here in the city.


Is this part-time? Full time?

Flexi-time! Seriously though, that’s the best way to put it. We have an office, but we don’t come in everyday, and neither do you. Most of the work you’ll do with be done either from home, or outside, attending events we might ask you to cover. Every now and then we’ll ask you to join at shoots! If you’re a student, of course we’ll understand if you’ve got a paper to write or an exam to study for. Working in the creative industry means also being creative with your time management, and if you’re interested in that kind of arrangement, feel free to apply!


Will we be paid?

It’s sad that creatives feel the need to ask this, noh? This culture truly is unkind to freelancers. Anyway, yes, yes, you will be paid. Even if you’re not from Manila, you will be paid.


I heard maraming cute sa YS. Totoo ba?

You heard right.