This Father’s Day, make skincare your dad’s new favorite hobby

This Father’s Day, make skincare your dad’s new favorite hobby

Because when was the last time you saw your old man messing with essential oils?

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Psssst: we’ll let you in on a l’il secret: when it comes to giving gifts to our parents, it’s really the thought that counts. They tend to be preoccupied in the grand scheme of things, but that just means they’ll appreciate the little things even more. Sounds clichéd, but really, it’s the everyday necessities that often get overlooked and you watching out for those details just shows them how much you care.

If you, too, are cramming your Father ’s Day gifts, then you’re in luck. Getting our dads something so simple that they’ll never think of getting for themselves is our best bet, so for this year’s gift guide, we’re going back to basics. Like, proper skincare basic. PSA: unclogged pores, smooth lips and plump skin aren’t only for women. Our dads work hard and they also deserve to be pampered by products that works even harder at keeping them healthy and feeling fresh. Here are six last-minute skincare picks (yes, these are all available online) to help them go through life with their best face forward:

Kiehl’s Age Defender Moisturiser 50ml (P2,430)

Dads work hard on the daily, but that doesn’t mean it needs to show on their faces. A quality moisturizer hydrates and replenishes the skin with nutrients needed for healthier looking skin, and honestly, who doesn’t want that? It can be quite an investment, but getting your dad something like this moisturizer from Kiehl’s that’s formulated with all the good stuff (think: Linseed extract combined with caffeine and soy protein) is worth every penny. It’s not magic, but seeing his glow up after just a few weeks is kind of the same thing.

L’Oreal Pure clay mask — detoxify (P399)

If your dad is the type who spends his weekends running errands and still can’t be bothered to pamper himself, then it’s best to bring the pampering to him. Using treatment masks at home is a quick and easy way to destress and L’Oreal’s detoxifying clay mask (infused with charcoal powder, BTW) is a good, non-intimidating product to start with. You can even make mid-week detox dates with your dad by putting on the mask and squeezing in a 10-minute catch up sesh before rinsing.

Human Nature tea tree oil (P295)

It’s about time the men in our lives get in on that essential oil hype. Chances are, you already have some oils in the house. But tea tree is a good first oil to incorporate in your dad’s routine just because of how versatile it is. Its antibacterial properties make it perfect for personal hygiene products like a DIY foot and underarm odor spray, spot treatment for acne and curing dry scalp and dandruff. It won’t be long before he discovers that tea tree can be used in household products
like cleansers and insect repellants and soon, essential oils will also be his passion and he’ll have you to thank for it.

Human Nature Oil-fighting face wash (P170) and men’s shaving cream (P149.75)

Your dad should know by now that using the same soap on the face as the rest of the body just doesn’t cut it. If he doesn’t take your word for it, gift him this natural facial cleanser and shaving cream combo from Human Nature. Its gentle bamboo exfoliators should do the trick of buffing away dirt, oil and dead skin cells, all while adding some much-needed TLC with peppermint leaf oil for cooling and lemon balm leaf extract for antioxidants. It also unclogs the pores to reduce ingrown hairs before shaving, so best to use it with the shaving cream that soothes with organic ingredients like aloe vera, too. After all, cleanliness is next to godliness — and so is using products that are formulated with 99.8 percent natural ingredients.

Vaseline Lip therapy in cocoa butter, original, rosy lips and creme brûlée (P125)

No one is immune from having chapped lips. Maybe it’s dehydration, maybe it’s bad personal hygiene (lip-licking, toothpaste irritation, etc.), maybe it’s the weather. But prevention is always key and having a handy mini tub of Vaseline lip therapy is always a good idea. It’s made with the OG Vaseline petroleum jelly, but formulated especially for the lips with a non-sticky healing formula. You can get your dad one in every flavor and leave it in multiple places for maximum impact — in the bathroom, in his bag, in the car, and on the bedside table. He’ll never really know when he’ll need it, but he’ll thank you for being so thoughtful in advance.

The Face Shop Natural Sun Eco Anti-Pollution Sun Cream SPF50+ PA+++ (P995

The sun’s damaging effects on the skin can range from sunburn to skin aging to skin cancer. TL;DR: climate change is real and using sunscreen is now a health necessity. No one wants to be that dad on the beach with white cast all over his face, so give him a product that’s lightweight and fast-absorbing but still high on vitamins and protection. (Fun fact: more “+” signs on the protective rating means the higher the UVA protection.)

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