The FDA just found high levels of methanol in Cosmic Carabao Gin

I’m all for trying out new things. But if said new thing comes in the form of an alcoholic drink that’s been linked to multiple cases of deaths and hospitalizations, I’d much rather be safe than sorry. Such is the case for the infamous Cosmic Carabao Gin.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the gin. A few weeks ago, a Twitter user warned the public about the gin, saying that her friend died after drinking it. Now, more and more people are citing instances of what seemed to be methanol poisoning caused by drinking it, and the public has been urged to stay more vigilant as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Department of Health (DOH) conducts their investigations.

Before you even try and say that these are isolated cases, the FDA has already issued a statement that Juan Brew, the manufacturer of Cosmic Carabao Gin has not yet been given proper certifications to sell the gin in the market. They only applied for registration last May and despite not having received approval, continued to sell their products anyway. Big yikes.

As of today, the FDA has ordered the seizure and confiscation of all Cosmic Carabao Gin products after high levels of methanol were found after testing. 

Here’s hoping that more food and drink manufacturers become more responsible in handling and testing their products before they sell them to the public. And for all you alcohol lovers out there: stay safe, and don’t forget to drink responsibly. 

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