The Fitbit Versa Lite is a fitness tracker that allows you to wander

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If you’re a fitness data nerd, you’re probably using a step tracker and a calorie-counting app. There’s nothing more satisfying than finally hitting that 10,000th step and seeing that you went under your allocated calorie intake even after eating that glazed donut.

Fitbit, one of the pioneers in fitness tech, recently expanded their range with more affordable options for those newbies. The Fitbit Inspire HR (P6,290), Fitbit Inspire (P4,590) and the Fitbit Versa Lite (P10,390) hit different needs. Both the Fitbit Inspire HR and Fitbit Inspire have all-day automatic activity tracking, Sleep Stage tracking, 15+ goal-based exercise modes, connected GPS and breathing guide. The only difference is the Fitbit Inspire HR also tracks your heart rate for easy monitoring when working out. The Fitbit Versa Lite has the same features as the Fitbit Inspire HR but with longer battery life, smartphone notifications, and SpO2 sensor, which can track changes in blood oxygen levels and monitor new health indicators such as sleep apnea.

I’ve been using Fitbits for about three years now and it’s not an understatement to say that it has changed the way I look at exercise. An unexpected development: the Fitbit Versa Lite also changed the way I traveled. I took is out for a spin during our five-day trip to Vietnam and these are the things I learned about the Fitbit.

Clock in: Aside from the signature onscreen step tracker, you can also change the Fitbit Versa Lite’s clock face based on your needs.

Take advantage of mindless wandering and get your steps in

One of the main features of the Fitbit Versa Lite (or any Fitbit for that matter) is the step counter and the in-app leaderboard with your friends. Doctors and fitness experts say that you should walk at least 10,000 steps per day, but that’s a small number compared to what we walked during our trip. We easily knocked out 30,000 steps in one day. While there are challenges in the app (like having the most number of steps in a week or walking the entire Yosemite Trail), I wasn’t able to start one before our trip so my friends didn’t really know that we were competing. But in my head, I was the winner. That counts for something, right?


Ease and comfort, whatever the weather

Sometimes when you’re traveling, you get so excited about the exploration part that you forget to check the weather beforehand. I know Vietnam is as humid as the Philippines, but I totally forgot about the possibility of rain. Thankfully, the Fitbit is water-resistant up to 50 meters so I didn’t have to worry about that part. It’s another story for my phone and camera, though.

Take a walk: Hitting the 10,000-step goal is easy with Fitbit’s step counter and in-app challenges.

Flexible style for minimal packers

One of our regrets during travel was bringing a huge suitcase filled with clothes, especially after booking multiple (very cute, very affordable) Airbnbs. If you’ve never been to Vietnam, I’m warning you: stairs are so abundant that even singing The Climb won’t lighten the struggle. I highly suggest packing light for maximum ease. The Fitbit Versa Lite’s clock faces were especially useful on this front because I got to customize the watch based on my outfit. From colorful analogue styles to straight-up typography clock faces, there’s one for every mood and every travel destination.


Fitbit Versa Lite, Inspire HR and Inspire are available in retail partner stores nationwide including Digital Walker, Globe, ROX, Go Sport, Chimes Davao, Lazada, Shoppee and Zalora.

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