Five channels you can now watch on iflix

We’re watching more TV than ever, largely thanks to the fact that we’re living in the era of streaming services. And even though the total set of things in pop culture that we can choose to consume is so freakin’ huge and eclectic, it’s not always easy to tell which platforms offer which shows to watch.

Which is why we’re pretty excited to say that iflix has added six new channels (and all the shows therein!) in its selection. It’s one wave in a raging sea of content, yes, but you might find some things in iflix’s selection that you won’t get anywhere else, especially given that these are channels from regional and international studios. So y’know, not just the same ol’ American TV. We’ll help you get started with five channels, and cool things you can watch in ‘em.


tvN Movies

Branded as “the world’s first and only Korean blockbuster channel,” tvN Movies is a godsend for any K-fan, whether they’re just starting to get into Korean entertainment, or has had their heart utterly crushed by Goblin.

What to watch: 2016’s thriller blockbuster Train to Busan, in case you missed it in local theaters! Because a little more Gong Yoo never hurt anybody.



I don’t know how a media group like GMA does it. For all its power as an entertainment giant, they still need to write everyday, shoot everyday, and make the best of what it has to put out gripping stories. Lucky for us, we get to binge on the fruits of GMA’s hard work.

What to watch: Encantadia, to get a glimpse of the early work of ya girl Gabbi Garcia.


Star Cinema

Guys, let’s be real for a quick second loving local doesn’t automatically equate to loving indie. I think we’re all mature and fun enough to admit that mainstream Filipino cinema, for all its highs and lows, is the bee’s knees. We’d all be doing ourselves a favor if we immersed ourselves in it a bit more.

What to watch: Celebrate your access to Star Cinema with national treasure One More Chance.



Anime’s always been cool, and maybe that hasn’t always been obvious, but it should be now, considering the recent epidemic of Naruto runs apparently sweeping the world. But there’s more to anime that action-oriented shounen narratives, as Aniplus’s selection clearly indicates!

What to watch: Sweetness and Lightning, a slice of life show about family, cooking, and growing up.



GTH is a Thailand-based film studio known for works such as the acclaimed horror movie Shutter. This might not be common knowledge but Thailand’s film game is hella strong. You might not have seen any Thai film but you’ve probably seen a Commercial That Will Make You Cry, which should be enough truth.

What to watch: We suggest Pee Mak, for Mario Maurer’s face alone.

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