The five kinds of love teams you encounter in PH TV and cinema

The five kinds of love teams you encounter in PH TV and cinema

“Sabi mo na mahal mo ko/Ngunit di naman seryoso”

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Is there a more Filipino showbiz concept than a love team?

Immortalized in the Itchyworms jam of the same name (KimErald4ever), the love team can be considered one of the pillars of the Philippine media industry. Ever since Guy and Pip and Vi and Bot brought the kilig to local audiences from the ‘60s to ‘80s, we’ve been treated to a similar formula: two artistas exclusively paired up in multiple projects across mediums.

Granted that the concept has evolved over the years, the fact still stands that as a budding actor or actress, you know that your agency means business when they pair you up with someone. Love teams bring a different meaning to the term ‘power couple’, with their legions of fan clubs that vow to support everything that they do as a pair (and sure, individually too) in the same vein as, say, a pop music act. Fans come from different backgrounds, with individuals from similar demographics banding together to create sub groups like “Mommies4Kathniel” and “JaDineDubai”  a fact that’s brought even international publications to pay attention.


As a way of celebrating our favorite ones, we list the kinds of love teams responsible for giving us the best hugot lines and of our lives.


There have been many attempts to understand the power of a love team, but few concrete answers. Some say that it’s the kilig they feel from watching their faves, others enjoy the sense of community that the fandom offers.

With all these pairings passing through our big and small screens over the years, we couldn’t help but notice that many have defining characteristics of their own. As a way of celebrating our favorite ones, we list the kinds of love teams responsible for giving us the best hugot lines of our lives.

Disclaimer: This isn’t a definitive list, so feel free to suggest your own in the comments section below.

The classics

When you think mainstream Filipino cinema, it’s these portmanteaus that immediately come to mind. You could practically quote their entire filmography word for word. Though the individuals in these teams may not be together anymore, there’s no denying that they paved the way for the love teams we know and ~love~ today.

The reel to real

Who can forget the fairytale weddings (some even immortalized in film compilations). Or those romcom-worthy announcements, with the reporter asking the taboo question: “Kayo na ba talaga?” One of them gives a one-word reply with a knowing smile. Cameras flash. Home viewers scream “sila na talaga!” and the entire nation goes into a frenzy. After all that trouble, who cares if it’s just an elaborate PR stunt to strengthen the buzz for their new project?

The G-rated

Also known as the pabebe, the actors involved usually start out as wee ‘lil teens finding their footing in the crazy vortex of local showbiz. They’re known mainly for playing it safe because of their young audience, so don’t expect too much on-screen cuddling or even worse  *gasp* a kissing scene!

The viral

A recent addition to the list and one that has yet to be replicated, this type of love team was born out of what experts call a serendipitous occurrence caught on camera. That initial meeting turned the two relatively unknowns into household names almost overnight. While the hype has died down as of this writing, we’ll never forget the social media phenomenon it sparked.

The eternal

In their prime, they were the It couple of their generation, and may as well have gone through phases as each of the previously mentioned classifications. Both individuals are most likely already happily married to other people. Spot them as the parents of the current love team of the moment in the latest Star Cinema Romance, ℅ fans who can’t let the ship die.   

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