The five relationships you’ll (hopefully) find in college

Art by Jill Arteche

You are a combined effort of everyone you’ll know, said Chuck Palahniuk. This is especially true in college, where you’ll meet the quite possibly greatest, cutest and most varied kinds of people in your life. Whether you’re looking forward or looking back, here’s a list of the pairs and groups one finds in college.


Species description: Ahh, the One True Pairing. It’s nice that we can easily ship homo and hetero couples HHWW (Holding Hands While Walking) in 2017. The OTP is never obnoxious about the fact that they found someone they can potentially spend their life with IRL and not on Tinder. That’s why they’re everyone’s favorite couple.

Habitat: Beside each other, nuzzling under each other’s armpits or covertly trying to smell each other’s necks.

The “ship” that never sailed

Species description: We all have that in our barkada, in our block, in our batch. Two persons who are so bagay, why won’t they get together na kasi!!! It was Charles Darwin who said that it is inherent in human beings to pair up two of their species irrationally so they can tease them and have some amusement. Okay he probably didn’t say that specifically, but you get what I mean. Everyone’s favorite subject is chemistry, except that the two people who should be together happen to be non-reactive elements. Boo. *Brings out popcorn anyway*

Habitat: Beside each other. So close, and yet so far.

There’s no “bro” in Brokeback Mountain

Species description: They’re just two bros who love to do everything together. Except the Brokeback stuff. Which is why they’re defensive and are always quick to say #NoHomo. Their every conversation is punctuated with a high five, the word “bro,” or both. They are each other’s wingman. Bros before hoes, for sure. Until they fall in love for the same girl, pare. That sucks, bro.

Habitat: Gym then the caf for gainz, bro! Then maybe tea lang at Coffee Bean bro, I’m doing IF eh.

Your “home” away from home

Species description: You never thought it’d happen, that you would find your perfect nook in the world. Congratulations, you’ve found your reason for going to school, your adoptive family — your college barkada. (Do people still even say barkada these days?!) They really really love you and accept you and let you wear those ratchet fishnet tights without rolling their eyes. They’re not without drama, but you have no choice but to love them anyway.

Habitat: Your regular hangout, or the nightly watering hole.

You and your favorite ate and kuya (guard, xerox machine person, librarian, canteen seller)

Species description: If you have had good karma in your previous life, then you will have a favorite Kuya Guard, Ate Xerox, Kuya Library, Ate Sandwich* who can hook you up with the goods (the good kind). Never forget that your success is made possible by others. We all have that favorite campus Ate‘s and Kuya‘s, and they hook us up to make sure we are diligently on the right path to achieving our fullest potential ✨

*These are merely placeholders. Please make sure you know their names.

Habitat: In their respective corners of the university, occasionally being re-stationed every couple of months.

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