The five type of music lovers that we saw at Linya-Linya Land

Linya-Linya Land was the perfect post-Valentine’s date destination. It was a Saturday of music from both younger voices and household names of different genres and styles, all of whom brought their A-game to the stage at Century City Mall. It was a party from start to finish.

The 10-hour gig was attended by a crowd of music lovers from all over the Metro, a mixture of youngins and oldies alike, who all showed their love and appreciation for the local music scene in all their unique and quirky ways. These are the five types of gig-goers we saw during Linya-Linya Land.

The die-hard fan

She’s that girl who’s screaming her lungs out as she sings along to all the songs of her favorite band. She knows all the words, and she’s not shy about her fangirling. She screams “I LOVE YOU” at the top of her lungs during soundcheck and she’s quick to find her way to the band to snap a quick pic for the ‘gram. May or may not also be wearing band merch.


The chill dude

He loves music, alright. But he won’t show it. He won’t even jump and dance along with everyone even if it’s Cheats onstage with their over-the-top energy. Nope. He’s just there, lurking in the back, beer in hand.

Linya-Linya Land ‘s powerhouse lineup featured Itchyworms, Johnoy Danao, and Munimuni

The barkada

These people come in groups of four or five or even more, taking selfies and Instagram stories all through the night. They’re all hyped up for every single band, even if they don’t even know the words to all the songs. But hey, no judging here. They’re the ones who get the rest of the crowd to start dancing, and they definitely know how to have fun.


The loved-up couple

You can never go to a gig and not see a cheesy couple holding hands or hugging during senti songs. And really, who could have held it together during that Johnoy Danao set? Even I thought of just pulling someone from the crowd just so I’d have someone to hold hands with.


The newbie

It’s like looking at a freshman on the first day of classes. Newbies are the ones who are fans of local music, but have never been to a gig before. You see them watching the bands in awe, with shy smiles and claps here and there.


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