The five types of cool creatives you’ll meet in an artsy barkada

The five types of cool creatives you’ll meet in an artsy barkada

Think Thanos’ infinity stones, but it’s your creative friends

Art by Emay Peralta

At least once in your life, you’ve probably encountered a group of eccentric individuals all with their own gigs and pursuits. If you haven’t, then you’re probably in one. Like attracts like, and artistic folk tend to find each other in circles of similar passion and craft. Think of these friends of yours, whether IRL or online, and you’re bound to see a few of them in this list of the five types of cool creatives you’ll meet in an artsy barkada.


The Indie-head

The quintessential lanky frontman or solo artist who plays guitar, a bit of keyboard, bass, drums, and ukulele too. Spot them at their sets at either Mow’s or Route 196, with their oversized striped tee tucked into their cropped slacks hung over their high white socks and checkered Vans. You probably have their songs as your most played, and take any chance you get to tell your friends that you know their members, and recommend their stuff.


Last played on Spotify: Lonely Town by Vulfpeck


The Colorist

Quite possibly the most frequent visitor of your barkada’s coffee shop of choice. They’re probably seated somewhere cozy, either sketching away on their digital tablet for their current commission, or scrolling through Pinterest for typography and palette pegs. You’d probably rock any and all of their designs on a tee or tote bag.


Last played on Spotify: Nobody by Mitski


The Fashownista/Jawnzlord

You’re astounded by how long it’s been since they last repeated a fit, or worn the same shoes. You don’t mind, though, because they’re always willing to share with you the location of a far-flung ukay people haven’t flocked to yet, or recommend which dad shoe fits your wardrobe best. They probably have the most followers on IG and Twitter in your entire circle.


Last played on Spotify: Narcissist by No Rome (feat. The 1975)


The Auteur

If there’s one person who can make their IG stories eye-catching and beautiful wherever they go, it’s them. You’re thankful and blessed to be in their presence because any moment with them is shot so well. Catch them around Indie-head’s gigs, filming their show, or setting up lights and sounds for their upcoming short. They always have the best recommendations for your next movie streaming binge.


Last played on Spotify: Hannah Hunt by Vampire Weekend


The Bestseller

Come graduation, leave it up to them to unanimously win the profile picture caption-writing competition about how your alma mater changed you for the better. You all went through the same shenanigans, but they’ve always worded it better than you ever could. Make sure to support them at their next spoken word gig around Maginhawa, or buy the zine they’re printing, featuring the works of your very barkada.

Last played on Spotify: I Can’t Answer That by PREP

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