This car is all you need for the perfect city adventure

This car is all you need for the perfect city adventure

We put the new Ford EcoSport to the test.

Art by Neal P. Corpus


In all friend groups, there’s always a designated driver. You know: the one who has no trouble waking up at 3 a.m. to drive everyone to Batangas or someone who willingly stays sober just so she can drive everyone home. On the Young STAR team — a team whose driving skills average at 2.5 over 5 — that would be me. That’s why, when Ford approached us to try out the new EcoSport, I was the first to volunteer.

The EcoSport has a reputation of being compact without sacrificing comfort in space. It has a lot of stowage compartments that you can utilize for out-of-town baggage or just regular school and sport gear. What’s even cooler is the touchscreen system that plays music and podcasts and reads your messages for you. In the five days that I spent with the EcoSport, I didn’t mind being the designated driver at all. The driving experience was very smooth and strangely Zen. Here’s how the rest of the experience went.

Day 1

The Ford EcoSport was delivered to my house just before I decided to leave for the gym. Seeing it parked in our garage reminded me of my very first car: it was cute, compact, and very, very blue. I plugged in my phone to listen to Toro y Moi’s new album “Outer Peace” for some high-quality car beats. The Ford EcoSport’s enhanced SYNC 3 system enables you to access some of your very important apps like Spotify for music, Overcast for podcasts, Waze for navigation and WhatsApp for messaging. It even reads your messages for you!

The 8-inch screen is completely touchscreen and acts like a smartphone. I spent about 15 minutes fiddling with the additional features at the mall’s parking lot until a family emerged from the car beside me with a picnic basket in tow.


Day 2

I don’t know how I completely missed EcoSport’s power sunroof. With a touch of a button, the roof opens up so you can let the sunshine in… or let yourself out for cute photo opportunities. I asked my boyfriend if he could fit but he only got up to his shoulders until we realized that I was actually late for an event. I drove to Eastwood with the car and saw a friend I haven’t seen in a very long time. She rode with me going to a friend’s post-election processing party. I guess Ford really brings people together, huh?

Day 3

Ford signed us up for a private class in Ninja Academy. Just so we could test the car’s full potential, I picked up our editorial assistants Gian and Bea along Quezon Avenue — the farthest I’d driven the Ford EcoSport. Aside from the incredibly spacious leather seats, it also has 20-plus stowage compartments for all the knick-knacks you might have for a short trip in the city.

It took us about an hour before we arrived in Ninja Academy in Circulo Verde, which is only a few minutes short of the actual class. The hour-long session taught us how to scale walls, jump from a high platform, and tumble on the ground. At the end of it, our instructor created a full obstacle course for us to try. It felt like being in a training scene from an action film. Mulan, anyone?


Day 4

I thought Quezon Ave was the farthest I could go with the EcoSport. Today, I had no choice but to take this for a spin going to an audition to BGC for our new theater production. Parking your car outside is always a hot issue (pun intended), but thankfully, the Ford EcoSport didn’t take too long to cool down. The aircon is so powerful, it even made it to the gratitude list of my 5-Minute Journal.

After the shoot, I drove the car going to a music festival in Greenfield. I left early and missed Japanese Breakfast’s set entirely because of a headache. I saw on Twitter that she covered Dream by The Cranberries. I listened to it via the SYNC 3 instead. Thank God for that.

Day 5

It’s my last day with the Ford EcoSport and I’m already getting a good case of sepanx. I already miss the smell of the car and the SYNC 3. Don’t even get me started on the sunroof. I miss it very much.


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