Four students from top universities tell us how they live their college lives to the max

Four students from top universities tell us how they live their college lives to the max

Higher education is the ultimate opportunity to do everything, see everything, and be everything.

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College is a time of learning and self-expression, defining yourself according to your passions and what really matters to you. It’s the ultimate opportunity to do everything, see everything, be everything.

These days, doing it all means staying connected anytime, anywhere. It’s important to stay productive on the go while also taking time for the things you enjoy. You need a data plan that can keep up with you — like Gigafy with Smart. It’s perfect for getting your daily dose of funny videos, leveling up on your favorite mobile game, or just telling your friends about your day through Instagram stories. (Not to mention getting all your schoolwork done, of course.)

These four students tell us all about their one-of-a-kind college experiences — and how they’re making the most of it.

Bianca Gan

“Ever since I was young, (I’ve) always had a passion for creating,” says De La Salle University student Bianca Gan. It’s not such a big surprise: her self-named YouTube channel has over 50,000 subscribers tuned to her adventures and musings on fashion, beauty, and everything else. 

An entrepreneurship student, Bianca also juggles academics and vlogging with running her own vintage shop called Retro Radar. “School is my priority,” she says. “Usually you can catch me juggling my time between catching deadlines for school requirements or working on a new video.” 

It’s important for Bianca to stay online as a student and content creator. Gmail is a lifesaver, helping her keep connections for school and business. “Find a balance and to allot time for the things you care about,” she says. “Whether that may be for academics, extracurriculars, social life or your hobbies. If it matters, then it’s worth making time for.”

Julian Dayrit

Ateneo de Manila University varsity tennis player Julian Dayrit was hailed Rookie of the Year during his debut season — so when it comes to sports, he means business. 

“I think that being a student-athlete makes my college experience unique,” he says. “Being a student in Ateneo is awesome, but also being part of a team that competes in the UAAP makes my college experience even more exciting.” 

His daily routine includes waking up early, three hours of training before classes, and hitting the books before bed. His phone helps him keep up with his schedule, and he loves being able to do schoolwork from multiple devices on Google Docs. But staying connected, he adds, is also great for making memories and sharing stories: “I normally put my phone aside when I’m playing tennis or hanging out with friends, but I do bring it out occasionally to take pictures or videos of any funny (or) memorable moments.”

Tricia Palanqui

Better known as justricia on YouTube, Tricia Panlaqui shares her life with over 300,000 subscribers — including her days in school at the University of Santo Tomas. It’s her first time studying in the country after moving here from California last year. She quips that the two things she absolutely needs to bring to class are her student ID and her phone. “My phone has saved me countless times,” she gushes. “From using it for Google Translate (to learn Tagalog), to research, or the nearest food place still open, the internet has made my college experience so much easier by providing me with the information needed at the exact moment.” While she prefers not to stress about the big picture, Tricia enjoys the challenges of studying science. And when she’s not learning, she’s going to the gym and meeting with friends after school. “I always eat dinner with my friends, as a convenient way to catch up and talk about the day.”

Brian Black

University of the Philippines student Brian Black is a student-activist and advocate of children’s rights, performer, and radio jock-in-training. He’s also in the process of finishing his thesis. “I’ve been in UP for a while now, jumping from course to course in search of my true passion,” he says. He was a biology major as a freshman and is now set to graduate from the College of Mass Communication. 

He admits that staying online is “almost inseparable” from his academic life, as well as staying socially aware and updated on current events. “These tools help us get through our college life, whether it be for research or for relaxing ASMR videos on YouTube,” he adds. “Let’s be real though, it’s mostly for YouTube.” 

“As a self-proclaimed ‘raketeer,’ it’s important for me to keep track of my schedule,” says Brian, who devotes his free time — when he’s not pulling all-nighters to meet tight deadlines — to acting or voice acting projects. His flexible schedule allows him to spend his days in coffee shops working on his thesis, where he’ll invite friends to accompany him: “(It) usually ends up in us just chatting until we have to get dinner, but hey, small progress is still progress!”

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