Freebie: Adobe Lightroom presets that are out of this world

Everyone and their sister are hoarding Lightroom presets to make their beach photos a little more interesting than the rest. We can’t blame them; we only want what’s best for our feeds.

This week, we tapped music and travel photographer Karen de la Fuente to create Lightroom presets for your editing needs. Her unconventional technique of coloring her photos has gained her a solid following in the music community and beyond. If you fancy anything she’s created, hit download. While the preset already makes your photos look nice, it’s 100% encouraged to play around with your photo’s exposure, contrast, and saturation to get your desired results. 


Heavy on warmer colors, this preset is inspired by the planet Mars. It’s best used for dark landscapes and textures. It might need some tweaking on brighter photos.


Saturn’s Hexagon

The colors are based on the hexagonal cloud formation at Saturn’s north pole as seen on NASA’s Cassini Mission. This preset is best used in landscape silhouettes, textures, and nigh sky photos.

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