Freebie: TikoYSoto Telegram stickers to welcome the Chinese New Year

Art by Earvin Padua

It’s that time of the year again when endless red boxes of tikoys are being sold. And if luck is in our cards, they’re even delivered to our doorsteps. Nian Gao, or more popularly known as tikoy, has been a traditional staple gift given by Chinese and Filipino families during Chinese New Year. Fun fact: Tradition says that at the beginning of the year, families offer sticky rice cake to the Kitchen God to make his mouth sticky, thus giving him a hard time to report the bad deeds of the family to the Jade Emperor. It is also believed that this sweet holiday treat will bring prosperity and good luck to the person eating it.

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, Young STAR created a set of Telegram stickers inspired by Gudetama, a lazy Japanese egg made by Sanrio, the company who just gets millennials like no other. TikoYSoto, our charming brown sticky rice cake is quite the entertainer. Opinionated, influential, and charismatic — he makes sure that his charm is put into good use by living a double life as an artist and a politician. He enjoys performing in front of an audience too. Truly an inevitable character in our lives, TikoYSoto is the influential narcissistic frenemy we all have. Though his suit and leather jacket can be intimidating, he is still a softy deep inside.

TikoYSoto will bring you good luck all year round. There’s no better way to greet your friends a happy new year than by sending them a sticker set of their new favorite problematic friend.

Download the sticker set here.


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