Get better at drawing with Art Bar Studio’s first series of creative workshops

Get better at drawing with Art Bar Studio’s first series of creative workshops

The best thing about beginning is that everyone can do it.

Arts and crafts store Art Bar has always been about elevating creative experiences, from making the finest materials accessible to curating an array of beautiful and inspiring art books. This month, they unveiled Art Bar Studio, a lecture-workshop series, developed with the goal to offer an in-depth look into art production. There are theories and practical applications, but it’s also a chance to discover your abilities, make something cool, try something new, and have fun. 

The first installment, “Learning How to See: Introduction to Drawing,” is a three-hour session designed to help students put their visions to paper, even without prior drawing experience. “Draw what you see” is the most vivid technical aspect of drawing I remember learning, and it wasn’t from an art class per se — it was from Meg Cabot’s All-American Girl, which had a protagonist who loved to draw. Drawing what you see means that an egg isn’t just white, it’s a whole spectrum of colors from the way light and shadows are cast on it and how it reflects the hues of its surroundings. Pretty cool, right?

But don’t take it from me, take it from painter Rinne Abrugena, who’ll be teaching the workshops. She’s a fine arts graduate from the University of the Philippines who has exhibited in contemporary art spaces around Metro Manila. Through the sessions, she plans to debunk preconceived notions on visual arts in order to help participants improve their skills. If you sign up, you’ll be able to draw realistically in no time. 

(Probably not within the three hours, but it’s a start, and that’s what matters.) 



The first series of Art Bar Studio workshops are held on all Tuesdays of July. Interested participants may still sign up for the classes on July 16 at Art Bar Serendra, July 23 at Art Bar Megamall, and July 30 at Art Bar Alabang Town Center. Workshop fee is P3,000 inclusive of all materials. Visit to learn more.

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