Get hyped for this live puzzle game inspired by Philippine history and folklore

If there’s anything that we’re all looking forward to this Halloween, it’s the fact that we get to dress up. That, and all the candy we can get after a night of mystery solving. While some people may prefer to dress up like scary villains, you might want to channel your inner Lapu-Lapu in this year’s installment of Midnight Museum happening on Oct. 27.

Just like last year, Ayala Museum partnered with Mystery Manila to create Quest of Heroes. It’s an original puzzle inspired by Filipino folklore and indigenous culture, and made just in time for Indigenous Peoples Month. Here’s the gist: You and your teammates will be assigned a team inspired by the Tausug, Maranao, T’Boli or Bontoc. This will be determined after you make an offer to Bulul, the rice god of the Cordilleras. After that, you’ll go on a challenging quest filled with puzzles, word games, and more. If you can, coordinate with your team members and create a kickass hero uniform. You might even win Young STAR’s Costume of the Night at the end of the game.

We tried the puzzle last Monday, and here are three tips and tricks to keep in mind.


Review Philippine history.
Yes, we know you know it from school, but everyone tends to brush it off on the weekends. Open your old history book and skim through the chapters. We all need that little refresher anyway. Look closer if you have to.


Brush up on your math skills.
You might be thinking: what does math have to do with heroes and history? Well, battles aren’t won without a bit of thinking and calculating. While you’re reviewing your history, maybe answer a math problem or two. Do it without a calculator if you can; you didn’t take Kumon for nothing.


Ask your lolo and lola about Filipino sayings.
Since the event is happening next Friday, take this weekend to spend some quality time with your grandparents. Maybe ask them about old sayings and stock up on words of wisdom. They might come into play during the actual game.


Tickets go for P850 for individuals and P760 group rate per head for 5-8 people. Wanna score free passes? Follow Young STAR on Twitter and Instagram for mechanics. For more details, check out Ayala Museum on Facebook and Twitter.

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