Go retro future at this UP Diliman org’s free K-Pop event

If you’ve been on stan twitter lately, you’ve probably come across one or two of those dreamy sparkle-filled retro video edits. I for one am still not over that Yoongi Seesaw concert stage edit (ARMYs know the one).   

Cue the collective squeeing because UP Diliman’s premier K-Pop org, HallyUP, is bringing the retro concept to life with this year’s Hallyuniverse: ReVIbe. The annual event is a celebration of K-Pop culture, complete with song and dance performances from the org’s members and other cover groups. This year’s theme is all about feeling again and reminiscing the past.

Head to the UP Sunken Garden on April 27 to catch the program we hear this year’s event might have a bit of Blackpink, Miss A, SHINee, IZ*ONE, SNSD, and Nu’est covers among others, plus a Random Play Dance segment for all y’all choreo addicts.

If you’re the type who’d go All Out, you might even wanna join in on their Oh MV! low-budget K-Pop music video contest, where participants are challenged to make a parody video of a K-Pop MV released in 2012 or earlier.

We’re not kidding when we say Hallyuniverse is the perfect venue to process all the April comebacks (there are plenty) with your fellow stans and fanclub members. Time to gather the K-Pop crew (or make new friends there!), pack your lightsticks, and learn the fanchants and choreography because we’re going ✈ retro future.



Hallyuniverse: ReVIbe will be held at the UP Sunken Garden, UP Diliman, Quezon City. Admission is free. For more information, check out HallyUP on Facebook.

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