Oxygen’s new co-gender line makes a case for unisex clothing

Photos by Neal Corpus

Here’s the thing about “genderless” clothing lines: they’re usually bland. Because men and women’s bodies and shapes are fundamentally different, male and female clothes are also fundamentally different. Which is why, when a clothing line attempts to be genderless, they usually just come up with a bunch of T-shirts.

This was my frame of mind going into the launch of COED, a new co-gender line by Oxygen, and let me tell you this: I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, there were T-shirts, but Oxygen had somehow managed to make them look cool, as Oxygen always does. The collection also showed a jumper capable of a few styling tricks, cargo vests that lend a cool and utilitarian vibe, and camo pants, because duh, camo pants are always a staple. My favorite piece was a pair of cargo pants with an extra-long belt with a clip buckle and a ring at the end, giving it both a sophisticated edge and an urban, utilitarian feel.

Fluid is the new black: Oxygen’s new COED collection presented utilitarian clothes fit for a whole spectrum of urbanites.

According to Oxygen, the collection aims to celebrate equality and the importance of individuality. The collection encompasses experiences, prejudices, and orientations of all genders. They translate this through androgynous fits, rendered in muted tones of white, black, dark gray, seafoam green, purple, and washed pink. With their first collection, Oxygen has managed to elevate the idea of genderless clothing for the local market. I’m already looking forward to the next collection.

For more information, visit oxygenfashion.com and follow Oxygen on social media at @oxygenclothing.

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