Good things from 2018 that have a place in 2019

Good things from 2018 that have a place in 2019

*insert shocked Pikachu meme here*

A whirlwind of a year, 2018 gave us a ton of ups and downs (mostly downs, I think). There were events and ordeals that tested us as people, and exposed the nasty fact that we still have a lot of work to do. But let’s try and focus on the happy stuff for now. Here’s a brief rundown on some good things that happened in the past year that we could learn from and carry into 2019.

The shocked Pikachu meme, and by extension, all things Pokémon

One of the few acceptable memes of 2018, the shocked Pikachu should definitely still be used this year. The Detective Pikachu movie is also set to open in 2019, so that means more Pokémon all around in general. It’s always healthy to revisit some of our best childhood memories, and I’m betting that Pokémon was a big part of that for a lot of us.


You know what it means. No, we won’t say it again. More than just a commentary on the male body, BDE is all about self-confidence and security in what you have, with some people saying it’s the inverse of toxic masculinity. People with BDE just have That Attitude, and you bet we’re walking into 2019 full of it. Model your BDE after Rihanna and Cate Blanchett.

Filipino reppin’

Count on a Filipino breaking into a West-dominated field to unite all of the 7,107 islands. Things like Kelsey Merritt being the first Filipina to walk in the Victoria’s Secret Show and Catriona Gray’s victory in the Ms. Universe pageant brought home some Pinoy pride in 2018.

Trans representation

Speaking of Ms. Universe, Catriona wasn’t the only woman to watch during the competition. Angela Ponce, a.k.a. Ms. Spain, became the first transgender woman to compete in the pageant. It was a massive step for representation in the LGBTQ+ community, was a major source of conversation everywhere, and exposed all of your trash friends and family members. *Clicks unfriend*

Canela the Deer

It’s all about caring for the environment in 2019 (it might be too late to just preserve the environment, it’s time to save it now), and we have to help out our other living buddies like Canela the Deer. Environmental movements that rose in popularity in the past year, including Brother Nature’s, encourage people to take action through different ways. The earth is dying, people! We better take care of it if we want to see Canela in 2019.