Grit Girls Gang answers your embarrassing gym girl questions

Grit Girls Gang answers your embarrassing gym girl questions

“What do I do when a douchebag stares at me?”

The idea of going to a gym, of working out in a place where people walk around and display how fit they, are is intimidating. There are a lot of machines you don’t know how to use or are afraid to use because you think you’ll embarrass yourself by using it wrong. But for a girl like me who is totally new to the gym environment, I have a lot more questions that hinder me from actually starting to work out.

Grit Girls Gang is an all-girl gang composed of Ida Paras, Lexi Gancayco, and Cam Lagmay. They were once discouraged to go to the gym because they had no idea what to do. Now, the three specialize in training women and making sure that they are completely confident in working out by themselves.

I assume other ladies have these concerns as well which is why Young STAR got Grit Girls Gang to answer some questions gym girls are embarrassed to ask. We asked Ida, Lexi, and Cam about the usual struggles ladies have at the gym and how to handle these issues.

YOUNG STAR: What are the common fears girls have that make them hesitant to work out at the gym?

Ida: Women fear looking ignorant at the gym. Stepping into the gym alone for the very first time can be very intimidating. To some, it can even cause anxiety. But you know what? Most people at the gym are focused on their own activity. Next time you go, take a good look around you; you will realize that no one is looking at you.


How do we overcome embarrassment in figuring out how a machine works and asking for help?

Ida: Easy. Just approach anyone with a smile on your face, and then ask away! Most people at the gym are always happy to help anyone out. Think about it, they’re all full of endorphins (happy hormones) from all the workouts they are doing! Too shy to approach a stranger? Go and ask the trainers that work in your gym.


What to do or how to handle it when a douchebag stares?

Lexi: If a douchebag stares, just ask them (nicely) what the problem is, and if there is anything you can do to help. But seriously, if someone is staring at you, they might be admiring your physique of hard work, or they might be pissed about the fact that you’re hogging all the equipment in the gym while refusing to share. Share equipment, take turns, and clean up your weights and the sweaty surfaces you touched.

What’s your message to the ladies who are struggling with confidence regarding their weight and body shape?

Cam: Physical appearances are just physical appearances. Numbers on the scale are just numbers. They are just a fraction of what Holistic Fitness truly is. Reaching mental, performance, endurance, and strength milestones is  important and should be acknowledged too! In order to make changes with your weight or body shape, it is important to find out what your body specifically needs. Take time to understand your body type and learn how to work with it.


How do you make the most of a workout / your time at the gym?

Cam: Walk into the gym with a plan to accomplish and a positive mindset. Make sure you are well hydrated and have a light pre-workout meal/drink that will energize your workout. Once you have that in check, this is where you can get creative. Spice your sessions up by doing something different every day or on alternating days.

Train with a personal trainer or buddy that keeps you motivated throughout your workout, most especially on those days you don’t feel like showing up. Create a reward system for yourself when you do so or for when you know you deserve it. Believe us, fitness is meant to be fun. Cut the pressure, enjoy the process!


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