Guess launched for new collections that will amplify your wardrobe

Guess launched for new collections that will amplify your wardrobe

I mean, it’s technically a Spring collection, but we can make it work.

Living in a tropical country means that you can pretty much wear most of your clothing all year round. Jackets, prints, crop tops and tees can rotate in and out of your closet if you’re up to experimenting with your style. And since the rainy season is upon us, we can finally wear layers again. Lucky for you, Guess recently released four collections that feature different styles — Guess Spring 2019 collection, Guess Originals, Guess Eco and Guess Activewear. So if you want to take that fashion risk, here’s a guide on how to incorporate it into your wardrobe so you can explore and add something new to your look.


If you want to experiment with color

Pops of yellows or reds can be a good start in adding more color to your wardrobe. Same goes with prints — if styled properly, they bring life to an ensemble. The Guess spring collection features a vibrant palette with laidback silhouettes, making you look chic and feel comfortable at the same time.

Statement or staple: We recommend pairing pieces from Guess Spring 2019, Guess Originals, Guess Eco and Guess Activewear with one another.

If you want to keep it classic

There is always that staple that never goes out of style, and it can be as simple as a logo shirt. This piece of clothing speaks for itself and the fun part is you can pair it with almost anything.


If you want to make a statement

Plain shirts and a denim combo may seem conventional, but what they’re made of can make the difference. If you’re looking for more sustainable clothing, then Guess Eco is for you. This line is made up of a special denim material that is sustainably sourced, making for conscious and classy attire.


All four spring collections will be available in the Philippines in all Guess stores nationwide. For updates, check out their website or #LoveGuessPH on Instagram or Facebook.


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