HallyUniverse:ReVIBE was the perfect local K-Pop immersion for any K-Pop enthusiast

HallyUniverse:ReVIBE was the perfect local K-Pop immersion for any K-Pop enthusiast

Looks like everybody brushed up on their dance moves for this one.

As a K-pop newbie, I’m still learning the rounds of Korean pop culture. From discovering groups to stanning them, there is a lot to uncover — starting with the fandom itself. So upon stepping into the UP Sunken Garden last April 27, I was immediately greeted with all things K-pop — K-pop music was blasting through the speakers, cover groups were rehearsing backstage, booths with faces of countless idols were spread throughout the area, and fans were dancing and hanging around. It was a local K-pop delight.

The sun was shining and the sparkles were felt too, as UP Diliman’s premiere K-Pop org, HallyUP, chose to go retro with the sixth installment of its flagship event, and this year, it’s HallyUniverse: ReVIbe. The annual event is a celebration of Korean pop culture and its strong community here in the Philippines, giving them an avenue to hone their skills and passions. There were activities, games, performances, and surprises that went on for the whole day. So for a K-Pop enthusiast like me, it was a full-on immersion.

The booths were filled with K-Pop merch from beloved groups like BTS, Twice, Blackpink, NCT, Red Velvet (all of whom are all having an exciting comeback!), and OGs like SNSD, Super Junior, 2NE1, SHINee, and newer groups like TxT, IZ*ONE, and ITZY. There were games within the booths as well. Think of a cultural fair, but instead of local souvenirs, you get to take home pins and posters of your favorite groups.

Groups of friends gathered to watch the performers give it their all — like Joshua Decena, a K-pop class instructor who danced to EXO’s Love Shot like it’s no big deal. There was also the YG Entertainment’s cover sibling duo MiU, the all-male Filipino group and 2015 KPOP Cover Dance Festival representative Zero to Hero, and HallyUP alumna Joyce Villanueva, among other cover groups. HallyUP also had SB19 as its special guest — they’re an all Filipino five-member idol group trained and managed under a Korean company that aims to be the idol group that could represent the country on a global scale.

Lastly, there was the Random Play Dance, which was the sort of wonderful you’ll only get from an event like this one. Friends and strangers danced to popular and iconic K-Pop tracks while bonding over their love for Korean pop culture (and getting all that choreography right)! Not only was the event a shoutout to the past, but it was also a fun look into what the K-Pop community can bring into the future. Lots of finger hearts here.



For more information, check out HallyUP on Facebook.

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