Here’s how you can donate old computers and textbooks to Marawi

Photo from WiTech

17-year-old student and
Women in Tech (WiTech) founder Audrey Pe organized a drive to collect textbooks, old laptops, computers, and monetary support for high school students from the Marawi State University Training Center.

To those who aren’t familiar, WiTech doesn’t just organize conferences and talks that inspire girls to pursue a career in STEM and break gender barriers — they also want to make a difference by giving people access to technology, which is what they aim to do with this drive.

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On August 2, their team, in partnership with the Philippine Toy Library, will be travelling to Marawi to set up computer stations. They’ll also be conducting Microsoft Office and basic coding workshops for 7th to 12th grade students.

“More than a year after the siege took place, we want to help bring connectivity to Marawi and help improve the educational resources available to the students who have missed months of schooling due to unsafety in their area,” says Audrey.

So far, they have gathered 5,000 books and eight laptops, and they’re still looking for more. If you have any old books to donate — or if you’re feeling extra generous and are willing to give away an old laptop you might’ve outgrown — contact WiTech at 09175498348 or to learn more about how you can donate. They’re accepting donations until August 1.

We hope for the students to be able to develop a love for tech as we give them the resources and materials to nurture their tech education,” says Audrey. “The workshops help jumpstart their tech journeys.” And you can be part of that.


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