Here’s the deal behind Erykah Badu’s ‘Hotline Bling’-inspired mixtape

It’s a fact that Filipinos love music, and the rest of the world seem to have gotten the memo. We have a very active local music scene and a pretty impressive list of international acts who found their way to play music in our island. And soon to be added to this list is neo-soul singer-songwriter Erykah Badu.

The Erykah Badu vs. Everythang Tour 2017 A.D started last May, and it’s last stop will be on October 14 at the Harbour Garden Tent in Hotel Sofitel Philippine Plaza. IDK how we got so lucky, but Manila is the only Southeast Asian city on her latest tour. The last time she was in the region was in 2012.

If we’re talking about OGs, then multi-genre artist, producer, and DJ Erykah Badu is definitely one of them. While she has made a lot of music throughout her 20-year career, it’s still songs like On & On and Next Lifetime that keep her alive in our memories. It was a breakthrough at the time it came out — a little bit of jazz, R&B, funk, soul, and a lot of hip-hop. This sonic blend may seem to be the current trend in music, but she — together with Lauryn Hill, D’Angelo, and Maxwell — paved the way for today’s abundance of neo-soul artists. Let that sink in for a bit.

But her creative spirit is not bound by any genre, which is why she and her art aged so well. An example: her 11-track compilation inspired by Drake’s hit Hotline Bling. It could’ve started out as a joke, but her idea to make a cover turned into a mixtape project with songs all about phones. It is also aptly titled But You Caint Use My Phone, referencing a line from one of her hits, Tyrone. While we can only dream of making a connection that solid, Erykah continues to work with new artists like Chance The Rapper and producer Mark Ronson.

Aside from music, she also extends her passion to helping a bigger community. She heads the nonprofit organization B.L.I.N.D. (Beautiful Love Incorporated Non-profit Development), which focuses on providing community-driven development for underprivileged youth through music, dance, theater, and visual arts. She is also a practicing midwife, helping mothers (most of whom cannot afford proper health care) successfully deliver their babies when she can. And she does all of that while raising her lovely children and continuing her work as a musical genius? A legit girl boss in our books, TBH.

She claims to be more of a touring artist than a recording one, so you can bet her stop in Manila is going to be one hell of a show. We also heard she does a lot of creative improvs during performances, but we haven’t seen her perform live so we can’t promise you anything. Guess we’ll all find out together then. We’re waiting excitedly , and so should you.


Erykah Badu vs. Everythang Tour 2017 A.D, Live in Manila will be on October 14, 2017, at the Harbour Garden Tent, Hotel Sofitel Philippine Plaza. Tickets are available at,, and SM Tickets.

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