Here’s where you have to go if you need top recos for local skincare and beauty

We’ve all had our fair share of blindlessly guessing which foundation shade or formula will go well with our skin. There are too many options in the market and for makeup enthusiasts — especially those who are just getting into beauty —it always helps to have one go-to gal who can guide us in our journey. Thankfully, BeautyMNL introduced the Local Finds category where you can find homegrown beauty products curated by Filipinas. This section showcases local skincare that can withstand Philippine weather, makeup that’s perfect for the variety of Filipina skin tones, and hygiene and home essentials that won’t break the bank.

Many of the skincare and cosmetic items in this section have been recognized in BeautyMNL’s Beauty Awards in 2016 and 2017. A good number of the top-selling products have received high star ratings and numerous reviews from satisfied buyers. Plus, some products are also available at a huge discount for a limited amount of time.


Celebrate Philippine brands and Pinay Beauty today by shopping for local products on BeautyMNL.


Celebrate Philippine brands and Pinay Beauty today by shopping for local products on BeautyMNL. Simply click the image or name of the product to see complete product details as well as the reviews left by other BeautyMNL users and customers. To buy the item, click the Add to Cart button, then the Proceed to Checkout button. After providing shipping information, customers will be asked to choose their payment method and to confirm the purchase. They’ll then receive an email as proof that they have placed their order.

Aside from Local Finds, BeautyMNL also has other sections for discovering skincare and wellness items and beauty services. Its Beauty category features skincare, cosmetics, hair care, nail products, and more from local and international brands, while its Health & Wellness category features healthy food items, supplements, weight loss products, and relaxation essentials. Finally, Makeover Deals offers a selection of premium beauty services at perpetually discounted rates.

To know more about BeautyMNL’s products and ongoing deals, visit their website.


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