Holiday gift ideas to make 2019 your peak year

If there’s anything we learned from 2018, it’s the importance of self-care. Surely we can’t proceed with our plans of world domination if we’re not feeling okay, right? We’re continually learning how to improve our physical, emotional and psychological well-being. And if you’re anything like me, the holiday break is a great time to see how much we’ve grown as well as plan where we want to go next.

Here are some holiday gift ideas — both material and, well, non-material — to make 2019 your peak year. We listed down some good habit-forming activities that you may share with your loved ones this season as well as selected pieces from Italian sportswear brand Ellesse to help us achieve maximum form and function. After all, we all want to keep doing good until the year 3092, right?

On Carlo: Ellesse Ovorio shirt in blue (Php 2,195), Ellesse Maffeo jogpants in gray (Php 3,395) and Ellesse LS-80 sneakers in white (Php 4,695). On Julia: Ellesse Belluci cropvest in black (Php1,495), Ellesse Amatrica jacket in black (Php 4,695), Ellesse Buccatini pants in black (Php 2,895) and Ellesse Massimo sneakers in navy (Php 3,995).

For mastering the art of unwinding

Holiday breaks are for two things — celebration and rest. It’s easy to overlook the latter with the blur of all the festivities but hey, that’s never an excuse to be all grumpy on your upcoming holiday reunion. We all have to make time to reset and build a habit of doing so. This Christmas, give your partner the gift of a do-nothing day, or at least not planning anything specific. Their calendars are probably just as crazy and the last thing you want is for them to feel the pressure of finding you the perfect Christmas gift on top of everything else. If you still insist on giving something, gift them a full outfit and ask them to put it on for your date. Something as versatile as a matching tracksuit, a pair of joggers and a classic pair of sneakers should do the trick. Yes, it’s just like one of those romcom scenes but instead of having an itinerary and plotting surprises along the way, just go with how the day flows. Trust me, they need this break just as much as you do.

(L) Ellesse Siena sneakers in white and navy (Php 3,995) and Ellesse Carina shorts in black (Php 1,395). (R) Ellesse Alagna track top in red (Php 4,695).

For a good stretch

Physical fitness comes in all forms and sizes, and so does the road to achieving the healthiest version of yourself. Some people prefer to run, some sweat it out on the court. Others dance their heart out, while some regularly walk their dogs in the afternoon. It really depends on your goals and physical capacity. But everyone’s road to fitness starts with a good stretch — and the right apparel that keeps you moving.

There’s nothing like gifting your best friend a good pair of sneakers to get them off the couch. Your cool mom might even appreciate a statement track top that she can wear to a party (read: the ’80s called!) and to Zumba class too. Add a pair of shorts for maximum comfort and a promise to finally attend that one yoga class with her and you might just make her year.

(L) Ellesse Gerbio zip jacket in navy (Php 4,795), Ellesse Lero jogpants in navy (Php 2,995) and Ellesse Ovorio shirt in orange (Php 2,195). (R) Ellesse Piacentino sneakers in navy (Php 4,595).

A Party for One

It is the season of giving — to yourself included. What’s something you’ve always wanted to do? Something you loved so much that you want to experience again? Something you’re afraid of but don’t know why? It is healthy to indulge in our random curiosities and that’s one of the best treats you can give yourself before the year ends. Revisit your favorite childhood spot, add a little color to your mostly black outfit, eat in a restaurant by yourself and order everything you want. The possibilities are limitless. TL;DR: don’t forget to do something for yourself that you’ll be thankful for.

Produced, styled and art directed by TIN SARTORIO
Assisted by JAM PASCUAL
Clothing by ELLESSE

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