For Hoodwink’s Halloween party, the villains come out to play

Everybody’s got a dark side. We might always try our best to hide it, but sometimes it just feels nice to let our freak flag fly. Turn up as Hoodwink turns four with #Hoodville — the anniversary Halloween party where Hoodvillains come out to play. Roll into Hoodwink at SM Aura with the crew from 8 p.m. ‘til midnight on Oct. 27 and get lost in the sick beats of DJ Surgeon and Liquid Software. There will be toys like water guns and grenade ballpens because, of course. Lots of booze and grub will be served, but so are some serious lewks. If you’ve ever been to any Hoodwink party, you’ll know that “extra” costumes are pretty much the norm. #Pressure, but hey, you wouldn’t want to feel out of place, now, wouldn’t you?

It’s never too early to plan your best villain costume. But if you’re just as clueless as us, then shopping in the store with some Hoodwink GCs might just help you with that situation. There’s a problem though: the Hoodvillain took your GC hostage. You can still try to snatch ‘em back ’til Oct. 24 by heading to the Hoodwink store in SM Aura. Come up with your most stylish battle gear using all the goodies in the store and take that killer #ootd or #selfie with the Hoodvillain himself. Slay on Instagram by uploading and tagging @hoodwink and @youngstarphils together with the hashtag #Hoodville. If you’re the most bad*ss of them all, you might just get your GC back. Pro tip: you can use them to buy your costume just in time for the party, but claiming it during #Hoodville or afterwards is cool too. If you didn’t get a prize, well there’s more where that came from. We heard the one with the most bad*ss costume and the squad with a bomb af group photo at the party will get surprises too. Idk about you but being bad — all in good fun, of course — never looked this good.

#Hoodville — Hoodwink’s 4th anniversary party — is happening on Oct. 27 at Hoodwink in SM Aura. For more information, follow @hoodwinkph and

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