The Huawei Y9 Prime is a gift for anyone who’s ever had a problem with taking selfies

I’ve never really learned how to take a proper selfie. I’ve always felt as if every phone’s selfie mode made me look weird, not to mention the fact that most phones nowadays don’t really have great front cameras for us selfie hoes. Not that this little problem means the end of the world, but really, what’s a girl gotta do if she just wants to take the perfect selfie to commemorate an hour of doing a full face of makeup?

Lo and behold: The Huawei Y9 Prime, an entry-level smartphone that is a gift for anyone who’s ever had a problem with taking selfies. An actual godsend, if I may say so. 

But there’s more. While its pop-up front camera may be enough of a reason for you to buy this phone, it has so much more to offer. Here’s everything you can expect from the Huawei Y9 Prime:


A pop-up selfie camera

Take the perfect selfie with Huawei Y9 Prime’s 16MP pop up camera that automatically pops up when you activate selfie mode. You don’t even have to worry about it breaking: it’s got a sensor that senses free fall motion that automatically retracts the camera in case you drop your phone, and the camera itself can carry up to 15kg of weight. Talk about a handy dandy futuristic camera. 

Huawei Y9 Prime’s pop up front camera is a gift for everyone who likes taking selfies.

Triple rear end cameras

This phone comes with not just one, nor two, but three rear cameras. There’s a 16MP, 8MP and 2MP combo makes for the perfect shot. Take it on a dimly lit space and you;d still get sharp images. You can achieve a bokeh effect, just like a professional camera.


A long lasting battery

The Huawei Y9 Prime is powered by 12nm Kirin 710F, which means it delivers a better performance while consuming less power. For reference: You can watch all six episodes of Game of Thrones Season 8 three times, and this phone won’t die on you. 

Triple treat: The Huawei Y9 Prime has three rear-end cameras.

A P12,990 retail price

You don’t have to shell out all of your savings just to get this phone. For just P12,990, you can get your hands on the Huawei Y9 Prime. Now that’s what we call a steal. 



The Huawei Y9 Prime will be available in stores nationwide on July 13. You can also pre-order  on July 5-12 to get a free bluetooth speaker worth P1,790. For more information, visit their website

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