Human Nature’s Made to Bloom lipsticks are feel-good beauty perfection

Human Nature’s Made to Bloom lipsticks are feel-good beauty perfection

All-natural and sustainable, they go way beyond lip service.

Lipsticks are not only a woman’s best friend; they can also be her armor. There’s a reason why these little tubes earn permanent placement in women’s bags — they’re an instant pick-me up and a constant companion for whatever situation you’re dealing with. Lipsticks also come and go — and with the abundance of options out there, we’re still always looking for new favorites.

There are certain things to consider when buying one as well. The perfect lipstick not only needs to look good, it also has to be made consciously. If you are a “conscious” consumer looking to explore, then Human Nature’s recently launched Made to Bloom Lipstick collection is a good option. The line features five 100-percent natural nude shades in a smooth matte finish and is anchored on being classic and sustainable. It feels light and easy, and if you are into the “my lips but better” look, then this one’s definitely for you.

Since Human Nature is a social enterprise, it prides itself on serving the community with its vision. Aware of the trends and competition, Anna Meloto-Wilk, co-founder and president of Human Nature, says, “We had this golden opportunity to talk about natural beauty beyond what was being said, beyond just acceptance and celebrating who you are, but it’s also a great opportunity to say that even without the lipstick and without the makeup, you are still beautiful.”

Human Nature’s new Made To Bloom lipsticks are made with natural formulation, have no harmful chemicals, and retail for P495.

With the Filipina complexion in mind, every shade was created to complement Filipina skin tones. Each tube comes in beautifully designed paper packaging with five names that evoke beauty — Grace, Wisdom, Strength, Warmth and Joy.

Made to Bloom lipsticks retail at P495, with a promise of natural formulations and no harmful chemicals. As Anna puts it, “When you bloom, you are going to radiate life that will really set the world on fire. And to me, that’s really what women are.” So get on with that swipe and you’re good to go.


To learn more about Human Nature and its advocacies, log on to or follow their Instagram at @humanheartnature.


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