Include this post-Valentine’s outdoor movie screening in your weekend plans

Include this post-Valentine’s outdoor movie screening in your weekend plans

This year’s movie is ‘Love, Rosie’.

There are plenty of reasons why you wouldn’t want to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Maybe you’re protesting against the consumerist spectacle of the holiday. Maybe you’re still nursing your fragile heart over *Katy Perry voice* the one that got away. Or maybe, you are in a relationship but you’re both too broke to do anything fancy.

We can’t help you with that first one, but for the latter two, we have a suggestion. On Feb. 15, Loyola Film Circle is coming through with a free outdoor film screening and variety show at Bellarmine Field, Ateneo de Manila University.

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Under the Stars is the film organization’s annual event that features performances (this year’s lineup includes Wanderband finalists Kremesoda, Any Name’s Okay, and Syd Hartha), loads of concessionnaires, and short film premieres from the organization’s own production pool.

The best part? It’s open to everyone (UP/UST couples, included). This year’s featured film is Love, Rosie, so you’re guaranteed to get in the mood for some lovin’. It’s set to be a solid night: for both couples a romantic evening with your s/o! And for the sawi it could be an opportunity to move on. Chances are high that there are a bunch of other folks who’ll be there for the same purpose (*chanting* MEET CUTE MEET CUTE).


For more information, check out Under the Stars and Loyola Film Circle on Facebook.

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