Which Innisfree product is perfect for your skin?

Which Innisfree product is perfect for your skin?

Dry, oily, combination — there’s something for everybody.

How far are you willing to go on a quest for glass skin? The chok chok look is all the rage these days, all thanks to the recurring Hallyu wave sweeping the country.

It also helps that some of our favorite K-Beauty brands are sprouting up left and right in Manila. One highly anticipated opening was of all-natural brand Innisfree. The skincare giant, which sources its ingredients from Jeju Island in Korea, is one of the most popular because of its eco-friendly promise and affordable prices.

The new Innisfree store at SM Mall of Asia is exactly the same as what you’d see in say, Hong Kong or Taiwan, price- and look-wise. And by this we mean that the product selection would make even the savviest skincare enthusiast confused about what to buy.

From skincare to makeup, they had all the bestselling lines, including favorites green tea, orchid, jeju bija and volcanic pore clear. If you’re planning to visit the store soon, we’ve come up with a quiz to make the decision-making process easier and, well, inis-free.

(Disclaimer: as much as we love all things skincare, we aren’t dermatologists. It would still be best to consult with one to address your skin concerns.)


1. Which of the following best describes your skin condition on a normal day?
A. Thirsty AF (dehydrated and oily)
B. Mas uhaw pa sa tigang na lupa (that’s makata for dry)
C. Like a slice of pizza fresh out of the oven (oily and acne-prone)

2. What’s your main skin concern?
A. I don’t want to turn into a raisin: dehydrated and wrinkly
B. There are little patches of dry skin on my face
C. Lots of acne and blemishes and/or little whitehead-looking things that I can play connect the dots on

3. When you spend a day out in the sun, your skin gets:
A. Moderately oily
B. Itchy and red
C. Oilier than usual, also flares up with redness

4. When you spend a day in an airconditioned room, your skin gets:
A. Tight, with pores unusually visible
B. Flaky and tight
C. Oily around the nose

5. Which scent do you prefer?
A. Fresh and calming herbal
B. Garden in bloom
C. The ground after it rains

Mostly As:

ANTI-AGING with Orchid
While this is primarily marketed as an anti-aging line, it’s also great for anyone who needs a major hydration
boost. The orchid eye cream is pricey, but it’s a great first product because you can use it on other problem areas (smile lines!) aside from your eyebags.

Mostly Bs:

HYDRATION with Green tea
Hydration is important for you! The green tea line is made from special green tea extract proven to surpass the hydrating power of purified water, delivering fresh nutrients and amino acids to the skin while
enhancing its protective barrier.

Mostly Cs:

TROUBLED SKIN and PORE CARE with Jeju Bija and Volcanic pore clear
For acne-prone skin, you’ll need to start with a couple of anti-acne products to keep your pores clear. The bija has torreya extract containing salicylic acid, which works to clear acne, while the pore clear is made with volcanic clusters that absorb impurities and combat oiliness.


Innisfree is located at Level 1, SM Mall of Asia. For more information, visit their Facebook and follow @innisfreephilippines on Instagram.


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