J.Co steps its coffee game up with its new Affogato series

J.Co steps its coffee game up with its new Affogato series

You can get more than just your donut fix here.

Iced cafe avocado affogato, iced chocolate affogato, and iced JCoccino affogato

In history, we can count two great demonstrations of humankind’s ingenuity. The first time was the discovery of fire. The second time was when humankind acted on the brilliant idea of putting together coffee and ice cream. That miracle concoction is known today as the affogato.

Clearly, J.Co is a brand that knows its stuff to recognize the significance of the affogato — you might know the chain for its donuts, but its new Affogato series proves that its strengths also lie in the realm of coffee.

The series provides three flavors to choose from. The Ice Jcoccino Affogato has milk chocolate ice cream, and is for anyone looking for a something extra creamy. The Iced Chocolate Affogato is basically chocolate fixings on chocolate fixings, plus that ever-important caffeine fix. The one we recommend most though is the Ice Cafe Avocado Affogato, if only for the novelty alone. The flavor of avocado apparently gets along super well with chocolate ice cream and sprinkles.

Iced chocolate affogato with Mr. Green Tea donut and Alcapone donut

You can get your hands on the Affogato series at any of J.Co’s branches, but we suggest you head on over to their new lifestyle cafe in SM East Ortigas. It’s the kind of cafe perfect for both working and unwinding, with an affogato and that all too necessary side of donuts.

The newest J.Co branch is located in the ground floor of SM East Ortigas, Ortigas Ave. Ext., Pasig. You can find their other branches in places such as Eastwood, Glorietta 2, Greenbelt 3, Trinoma, and U.P. Town Center.


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